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With Metallic, you can back up your data from any location

The world of work has gotten more difficult for just about everyone in 2020, but one area that’s perhaps gone overlooked is IT. Business technology leaders this year have been pretty much forced to tackle major challenges in data center transformation – after all, when your employees leave your office in droves and begin to work remotely, you’ve got to adjust your data strategy accordingly. IT decision-makers everywhere have been tasked with finding new, remote ways to manage data.

This leads us to a crucial follow-up question. If you have the technology in place for your people to work from anywhere, then what about backing up their data? Can you also do that from any location?

This is an important question to answer. If there’s ever an incident at your organization where data is lost or otherwise compromised, you don’t want to be scrambling in the moment to recover – you want to have a plan already in place to restore your data and maintain the continuity of your business.

Luckily, that’s an area where Metallic specializes. With Metallic’s solutions, you’ll have all the capabilities you need to back up your business’ workloads from any location. With Office 365 Backup & Recovery, for instance, you’ll have proven data protection with the simplicity of Software as a Service (SaaS). This solution is built on Commvault’s industry-leading technology, and it backs up data efficiently while also safeguarding it against ransomware, accidental deletion, corruption, and malicious attacks.

Metallic’s data backup tools offer myriad benefits. One is that they’re cloud-delivered, which makes it easy to handle backup duties remotely. This also makes for a much-simplified management process, with reduced overhead costs and a lower total cost of operation. Because Metallic’s cloud solution is fully hosted, you won’t have to worry about bulky hardware or time-consuming updates. Deployment will be quick and frictionless, and you’ll only pay for the specific services you need.

As the business world gets more competitive in 2020, everyone is under pressure to do more with less. Metallic will make that easier thanks to the high level of performance their solutions offer. With Metallic, you get data protection with speed and precision, and their built-in deduplication and compression will optimize bandwidth and make data restoration fast and reliable. The process is also secure and effortlessly scalable as your business grows over time.

At Zones, we are proud to be strategic partners with Metallic. We have many years of experience working with clients to tackle challenges in data management – and with Metallic in our corner, we’re poised to work together and give you a truly comprehensive array of solutions and services. We’re ready to take on every single challenge you face in Data Center Transformation, whether it involves data backup or anything else that’s on your mind.

Ready to learn more about the Data Center Transformation capabilities we have at Zones? Our website has all sorts of resources for you.

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