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Find out how our Oracle services can bolster your business

Preparing your enterprise for a major software migration to the cloud can be a daunting task for anyone. There are definitely benefits to be had, but there are pitfalls as well. Most IT decision-makers go into the “lift and shift” process with one big question on their minds:

“Is this going to end up costing me more than simply keeping my data center?”

Sadly, the answer is often yes. According to IDC, approximately 65% of cloud implementation projects ultimately cost more than planned. This happens for a lot of reasons – among them insufficient planning, poor governance, and unsound resource utilization strategies. But if done right, moving to the cloud can save your business a lot of money, while also improving the performance of your most important business applications.

That’s where Zones’ Oracle services come in. Lately, we’ve begun to see our customers consolidate their applications, software, hardware and vendors as a way to prepare for the inevitable cloud migration. We’re trying to keep pace with this new trend, and we’ve done so by evolving in terms of the services we offer. Instead of simply providing the products your business needs for the cloud move, we’ve begun offering an entire suite of services around the migration, consolidation, and governance of those products as well. And while we’re known as a strong Microsoft partner, we’re also very well positioned to deliver Oracle services, with a particular focus on middleware/database services, engineered systems and cloud.

If your company is ready to migrate its Oracle Enterprise software to a new cloud environment, we are prepared to help with that process. We can set you up for success with everything you’ll need – cloud governance, orchestration, reporting, and more. With our services, you’ll know how much you’re spending in real time, plus exactly how much you can expect to spend in the future. This will help you find opportunities for cost reduction.

Beyond just the cloud realm, Zones has a well-rounded Oracle consulting practice. Consider what we can do for you with the following solutions:

  • Java: As of April 2019, Oracle has started to charge a subscription fee for Java. What are the implications of this subscription? We can walk you through them, step by step. We’ll look at how many Java clients and servers you have and what sort of licensing you require, and ultimately, we’ll find a way for you to minimize costs.
  • Oracle ExaData: Are you sure your ExaData is running at full capability? Do you know your 10 longest running queries – and are they getting a Smart Scan? What are storage indexes, and how do they improve performance? We can run through the answers to all of these questions and more.
  • Oracle Big Data: The goal is to use your company’s data to increase revenue, but that raises some questions about strategy. For example: Does it make sense for you to run Hadoop on premises, or in the cloud? We can help you make sure your Big Data infrastructure is performing at the highest levels possible.

When you go with Oracle, you get hardware and software that are engineered to work together toward and help you achieve your goals. And in Zones, you get a valuable partner that can deliver all the services you need.

Explore the full range of what our Oracle services can do for your business. Take a look at our Oracle page and gain all the insights you need.

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