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5 reasons to manage your cloud environment with a Cloud Solution Provider

5 reasons to manage your cloud environment with a Cloud Solution Provider

In this modern era, enterprises are putting more emphasis on data center transformation than ever before. With so many employees today operating out of mobile, remote, and hybrid work arrangements, it’s important to give them ways of managing their data that are flexible and customizable. Increasingly, that means the cloud – and as such, IT leaders are taking a close look at how best to procure cloud services intelligently and cost-effectively.

For our money, the best way to do that is with Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. With this offering, Microsoft enables partner organizations to sell Microsoft cloud services directly to clients – and in so doing, they offer far more than just licensing. The CSP model is designed to add value through a simpler cloud experience, more hands-on support, more flexible billing, and more. This program offers clients the opportunity to procure cloud solutions on a rolling basis, using a “pay as you go” model.

So how could such an offering prove beneficial for your business? A whole host of ways, most likely. Let’s take a closer look at five of them in particular.

Greater flexibility

With a CSP solution, you’re in total control – you only pay for the cloud technology you can use. You have total flexibility to scale your cloud environment up or down as your business demands. If you have, say, 1,000 Office 365 licenses but you anticipate needing 1,100 next month and 1,200 the month after that, it’s not a problem – simply scale up at a moment’s notice.

Big discounts

When you’re able to procure only the cloud solutions you need, it’s easy to uncover big cost savings – simply stop paying for the stuff that doesn’t deliver value for your business. You’ll quickly find that this approach offers major discounts compared to competing cloud offerings.

A simplified billing process

Forget about managing a tangled web of many cloud offerings from many providers, paying for them all separately. That’s a thing of the past. A CSP solution gives you one simple monthly billing process. You pay for the Office 365 licenses you’re using, the Azure storage you’re consuming, and any related IT services, and that’s it. And you’ll never have to deal with upfront billing.

Comprehensive support

When you work with a good CSP, you’ll always have access to the support you need. Your CSP will be your first point of contact whenever you encounter a cloud issue, and they’ll also be your go-to resource for questions about licensing, billing, subscriptions, and more. There’s never any doubt about where you should turn.

Strong service level agreements (SLAs)

When you procure cloud services through a Microsoft CSP, you automatically tap into SLAs that define all the crucial aspects of your cloud environment – including responsibility, quality, and availability. You’ll always have a well-defined relationship with your cloud provider.

To unlock all of these benefits and more, you can turn to Zones. Our unique standing as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and Microsoft Licensing Solution Partner (LSP) gives our clients access to expertise and resources not typically offered together by a single source. As a result, you can enjoy our expanded capabilities – including fast provisioning, comprehensive technical and managed services, and direct billing.

With our CSP offering, it’ll be easier than ever to manage your complete technology lifecycle.

Connect with us today and find out for yourself.

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