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5 ways Cisco’s SD-WAN solution can streamline IT for your business

Especially considering the rise of remote and hybrid work in today’s climate, it’s understandable that many businesses are moving quickly to reshape the way they handle data. Often, they’re implementing new cloud solutions and training employees on new ways to access and use them. These technologies are potentially quite powerful – but they can also raise some serious questions about security fortification.

As the typical wide-area network (WAN) transforms to support multi-cloud technologies, it’s becoming more challenging than ever to protect your users, devices, and applications from the newest threats. What can be done?

The good news is that Cisco is here to help. With Cisco SD-WAN, organizations today can tap into a security resource that fully covers their multi-cloud environments, protecting against major internet- and cloud-related threats without any compromises on user experience. Cisco SD-WAN makes it easy to enjoy secure connectivity to the cloud and internet, apply industry-leading threat intelligence to address vulnerabilities, and protect every guest user and device that logs onto your network. It offers truly complete, all-encompassing coverage.

With this sort of technology, it’s helpful to understand the specifics on where it’s applicable and how it can deliver value for your business. So let’s go over 5 particular use cases where Cisco SD-WAN can enhance security for organizations today:

  • Secure automated WAN. As organizations today face increasing demands on their networks, it’s important that they migrate away from traditional WANs, which tend to be highly operationally complex, and adopt new solutions that are agile, controller-based, and come with robust security features built in. Cisco can help make this happen.
  • Application performance optimization. When you have a high-performing global network, the enterprise’s most critical applications are always able to live up to their service level agreements (SLAs), enabling employees to reach peak levels of performance, even when problems occur in the network. Because Cisco offers sophisticated monitoring of the SD-WAN fabric to detect security issues in real time, this is now a realistic goal.
  • Secure, direct internet access. Cisco’s technology enables everyone – including both everyday employees and guests – to connect to the internet locally, thus offloading WAN traffic whenever possible. It also helps increase security and improve internet performance. This means everyone can enjoy high-performing, cost-effective access when they need it.
  • Branch multi-cloud access. Multi-cloud technologies have become an essential part of many employees’ daily routines, as they need to access cloud applications to complete their everyday responsibilities. Cisco SD-WAN makes it easy for users to connect these applications seamlessly, and IT will have unified visibility and streamlined management when they do.
  • Regional hub multi-cloud access. To make multi-cloud adoption as smooth and seamless as possible, it’s helpful to consolidate all cloud access points and cloud security policies into regional colocation facilities, making it so everyone can be physically close to their SaaS and public cloud providers. Cisco’s solution expedites this process, making for more efficient work for everyone.

This is what Cisco has always done – they create technologies that are designed to increase operational efficiency for organizations everywhere, making IT more efficient and people’s work on a daily basis simpler and easier. And at Zones, we’re proud to assist in this effort. We are a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, which means we have a long-standing strategic relationship with Cisco, and we work tirelessly to help clients everywhere deploy Cisco solutions that will drive successful IT outcomes. If you’re interested, connect with us today, and we can begin to work that magic for your business.

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