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NextGen Networking (6)

4 min read

A hyper-connected Cisco network improves business processes for Del Papa Distributing

Enjoy a beer on the upper Texas Gulf Coast, and you can probably thank Del Papa Distributing Company. Founded more than a century ago, the company...

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1 min read

Transforming Houston’s Pennzoil Place into a very smart building

Zones and Cisco partner on a massive scale

See how Zones and Cisco came together to enhance operations and opportunities at Houston’s Pennzoil Place...

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3 min read

Mobility: The First Component of the Third Platform

IT industry research firm IDC describes the Third Platform as IT built on mobile devices, cloud services, social networks and big data analytics.


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1 min read

Dynamic, scalable infrastructure for nimble organizations

Software Defined Networking

The Open Networking Foundation defines Software-Defined Networking as the physical separation of the network control...

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