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Next-generation servers to complement next-generation Windows Server environments

Next-generation servers to complement next-generation Windows Server environments

Explore the best destination for your migration

By now, your strategy for migrating away from Windows Server/R2 2003 should be well underway.

You’ve completed a comprehensive discovery of the software and workloads running in your current environment; assessed and organized each by type, criticality, complexity and risk; and identified the optimal destinations for all of your applications and workloads in the new environment.

The only thing left is to pull the trigger and migrate. Right?

If your organization isn’t feeling quite that organized, don’t panic. While time is running short to execute a successful migration before support for Windows Server 2003 ends, the Zones migration services team can help get you there.

Zones software licensing experts, cloud services specialists, systems engineers and solution architects will guide your IT team through each step in the migration process, ensuring that you come away with a highly scalable, powerful and efficient infrastructure.

For many organizations, the data center upgrade from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 will include server upgrades as well. To future-proof your data center to the greatest degree possible, it’s wise to consider the latest generation of server technologies from two of the best known players in the industry: Dell and HP.

Dell PowerEdge

The 13th generation of PowerEdge servers is Dell’s most advanced lineup of rack, tower and shared infrastructure platforms designed for a wide range of web, enterprise and hyperscale applications.

One-, two- and four-socket PowerEdge rack servers pack up to 18 processing cores per socket, large amounts of memory and a tremendous amount of internal storage, delivering performance and reliability for the most demanding applications. PowerEdge performance tower servers bring versatile configuration options, massive internal storage and peak two-socket performance to small and medium businesses.

From the most space-constrained data center that leverages the dense modularity of M-series blades and FX Converged Architecture to remote/branch offices that leverage the convergence of servers, storage and networking in PowerEdge VRTX, PowerEdge shared infrastructures are perfect for future-ready IT organizations.

HP ProLiant

HP ProLiant Gen9 servers are designed to deliver more compute and storage capacity, right-sized compute with flexible choices, and require less compute energy and floor space consumption to lower your costs of IT service.

Additionally, HP ProLiant servers help you speed your IT service delivery with faster compute, memory, and I/O performance and increased storage and networking performance, including lower latency. HP ProLiant servers are built to excel for any size business, for any size workload, in any environment with:

4X compute capacity with lower total cost of ownership (TCO), maximizing data center capabilities at the lowest cost of service

66X faster service delivery with simple automation, saving admin time and reducing errors from manual steps

4X faster workload performance to transform the business, growing revenue, margin, and share

Many options, little time

By leveraging enterprise-class services from Zones and the next-generation capabilities of HP ProLiant Gen9 servers or Dell PowerEdge 13th Generation servers, you’ll create a robust, best-practice-driven and scalable solution to address the July 2015 Windows Server 2003 end-of-support (EOS) deadline.

But you’ll need to act quickly to get there in time.

Call your Zones account executive or 800.408.ZONES for a full briefing on the range of migration planning, assessment and implementation services available to keep your data center up-to-date, efficient and secure.

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