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The IT supply chain game is changing rapidly

Workplace Modernization is perhaps more challenging right now than it’s ever been. To run a successful business today, you have to confront a two-fold challenge – not only must you deliver the best possible devices and apps for your in-house staff, at your primary offices, but in many cases, you also have to cater to a range of remote and hybrid employees scattered all over the globe. This can lead to a whole host of supply chain challenges.

This is simply the reality for a lot of IT leaders today – giving people the technology they need is all about overcoming supply chain roadblocks. And according to Supply Chain Digital, the only way this can happen is if the suppliers and the recipients of IT devices collaborate to build win-win relationships. Supply chain in a previous era was viewed as strictly transactional – the supplier provided supply, at a certain cost, within a certain time frame. But now, it’s important for both sides to work together to achieve what’s best for the business.

“The tide is shifting, and buyers expect more from their suppliers, especially given what the pandemic exposed around the fragility of the supply chain,” said Sundar Kamak, head of manufacturing solutions at Ivalua. “The suppliers that get ahead of this will not only reap the benefits of improved relationships, but they will be able to take action on insights derived from greater visibility to manage risks more effectively.”

The best way to enhance your approach to the supply chain is to tap into modern technology. As Kamak explained it, using real-time data can help not only address supply chain challenges as you see them now, but also be more predictive about future issues that may arise. This helps you respond effectively to the supply chain problem both now and in the future. When done right, an investment in streamlining the supply chain is something that can deliver real value for your business.

And at Zones, we can help. We offer a Global Supply Chain as a Service (GSCaaS) solution that helps deliver all the devices you need, wherever you need them, anywhere in the world. With our help, your people will always have the IT supply they need, without any fuss, and with all the logistics taken care of. Our offerings include Inventory Management, Order Management, Transportation Management, Financial Services, and more. Quite simply, we’ll make sure you’re covered from end to end.

This is the kind of work we’ve always done at Zones, and we take great pride in it. When it comes to Workplace Modernization, there’s no match for the team at Zones – we have the most innovative approach in the business, and we have a global reach as well. Our team has decades of experience with logistics, product fulfillment, delivery, operations, licensing, and more. All you have to do is connect with us, and we’ll set you off on the path to a successful, truly modernized business.

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