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Supply chain management is the key to business success in 2021

For numerous organizations worldwide, the past year has been an adventure. The world is changing rapidly, and we’ve all been forced to quickly scramble and adapt to new work environments and new ways of doing business. The COVID-19 pandemic was a challenge when it first began, and it remains a challenge now – and in large part, the challenge is one of workplace modernization.

With so many employees right now working remotely, how do you supply them with the devices they need to be successful? In the old days, you would simply put new computers in your office environment, and employees would come to the office and use them. But those were the old days. Today, what you need is a way to equip everyone, all over the world, no matter where they work.

In other words, you need a robust supply chain.

According to Supply and Demand Chain Executive Magazine, businesses today have become extremely supply chain dependent. Stephen Day, chief procurement officer at Kantar Group, posited that the COVID-19 pandemic has shined a spotlight on the ways that local, regional and global economies can be disrupted by breakdowns in the supply chain, and it’s become clear that having sound practices for product procurement and product delivery will be absolutely crucial in the years to come.

“Strategic procurement policies and processes do more than just ensure business continuity by managing risks and maintaining compliance,” Day argued. “They can also support sustainability measures, contribute to innovation and long-term growth, and rise to the occasion with regard to pressing social issues.”

For any business that fully grasps this concept, there’s a tremendous opportunity ahead. If you can streamline your supply chain and get everyone the IT they need quickly and efficiently, you’re surely going to position your business for success.

Having said that, building out a robust supply chain is a challenge, and not every business is equipped to do it on their own. For that, Zones is available to help. We have a Global Supply Chain as a Service (GSCaaS) offering that helps businesses everywhere to get employees the IT they need efficiently, thus reducing costs and freeing up capital for other endeavors.

Our services run the full gamut. They include Inventory Management, so you constantly have visibility into what assets you have and what assets you need, as well as Order Management, so you can quickly replenish when necessary. We also have Transportation Management to help with shipping parcels, and Project Management to help you handle supply chain projects large and small. We also offer self-service reporting, so you’ll always have clear data on where you stand.

At Zones, we fully understand the challenges of running a successful business in 2021, because we’ve faced them ourselves. We’re committed to doing everything we can to keep your organization running strong – and our GSCaaS offering is a complete, comprehensive package that will give you all the tools you need. For more information, all you need to do is connect with a Zones Account Manager.

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