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Modernizing your workplace today requires mastering global fulfillment

Workplace modernization is more challenging right now than it’s ever been. The work that organizations today face is truly global in scale – the best technologies to drive business success are scattered all over the globe, and your employees are often distributed as well.

This is bound to present difficulties when it comes to global fulfillment. You’re trying to get the best modern technologies into your employees’ hands as quickly and efficiently as possible, but there are all sorts of roadblocks that can present themselves along the way.

If you think it’s just your business dealing with difficulties like this, not to worry – you’re certainly not alone. According to Supply Chain Brain, we’re currently living in an “age of e-commerce” in which everyone – including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and end users – is going through some growing pains when it comes to procuring the supplies they need in an efficient manner. Jeff Potts, director of e-commerce fulfillment at Sealed Air, said that myriad challenges are out there.

“Things are changing so fast in e-commerce,” Potts explained. “What we’ve seen is a shift from brick and mortar to the e-commerce distribution of packages. What that’s led to is the fact that people touch packages 20 times more often than they used to. Full pallets were shipped to a big-box store, things were put on the shelf, and that was it. But now you have to package them, we have to get them to the customer, and that whole fulfillment process has changed the supply chain.”

So what can you do to optimize the supply chain for your business, making global fulfillment issues a thing of the past? Here’s an idea: Work with Zones. We have a Global Supply Chain as a Service (GCaaS) offering that enables you to outsource every aspect of the IT supply chain. This means you won’t have to worry anymore about how to get IT assets to your employees – we’ll handle that for you. You can sit back and enjoy reduced costs, freed-up capital, and easy execution on even the most difficult IT requirements.

There are a few reasons why Zones is uniquely well positioned to make this happen. One is the solid global relationships that we have with manufacturers, distributors, and service providers; another is our worldwide network of IT experts and prescriptive processes. On top of that, we handle warehousing and distribution from multiple fulfillment centers located all over the world, and we provide ongoing services ranging from order fulfillment to technical support. We want your IT to be covered throughout its full lifecycle.

So connect with us. We are ready and willing to develop a GCaaS solution that meets the needs of any organization, large or small. You could be next. Whatever IT challenges you’re up against, we have the knowledge and experience – and the global fulfillment capabilities – to help you overcome them. Reach out to a Zones Account Manager, and you can begin to discover that for yourself.

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