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The IT game of life.

These days, a superior approach to IT involves a lot more than just finding the best hardware and software that money can buy – you also want a comprehensive strategy for managing all that infrastructure and making sure your people use it well.

For a lot of companies, handling all of that in-house just isn’t an option. It requires too much manpower and too many specialized tech skills. It’s far easier to have a business partner by your side that can manage tech matters for you.

At Zones, that’s what we do. We’re a services provider that does much more than just sell you computers – in fact, our goal is to handle every single turn in the IT lifecycle. Let’s walk through them, one by one.

  • Professional Services: We work with our clients to develop comprehensive IT game plans, and we follow up to ensure those plans are working exactly as intended. Our process begins with conducting one of our many assessments, used to help the client better understand their IT environment and plan their next moves; from there, we procure the hardware and software they need. Next comes the actual rollout – and even after that, we remain in the picture, monitoring and responding to our clients’ IT needs as they develop.
  • Technical Services: Our integration specialists are certified to build and customize IT solutions for just about any business challenge. From custom packaging, to kitting, to full Office-in-a-Box solutions, we can outfit new IT in any way necessary. Sometimes, though, game plans change – and we’re more than willing to help you adapt your plans when the situation warrants. Our team can install hardware or software, move equipment, modify or upgrade operating systems, and plenty more.
  • Managed Services: The IT game of life doesn’t end after clients cross the finish line. Even after deployment, new technology needs ongoing support to keep functioning as intended – and that’s exactly what Zones can offer. Our End User Help Desk features ITIL-certified agents dedicated to providing our clients 24/7 IT assistance whenever they need it, which helps them focus on pressing business matters instead of routine IT issues.

We handle every aspect of the IT lifecycle – and to help us do it efficiently, we’ve strategically placed locations in every corner of the playing field. We have offices in Kent, WA; Cerritos, CA; Carol Stream, IL; and Clifton Park, NY, and there’s a team of experts in each location ready to assist you. And if you’re overseas, that’s not a problem, as we can configure and ship to over 80 countries around the world.

No matter where our clients are, where they’re headed, or how complex their deployment needs are, we can deal them a winning hand. We’ll make sure your IT keeps living the good life.

Want to learn more about Zones and its comprehensive approach to IT Lifecycle Management? We have plenty of resources on our site that can help with that.

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