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If you paid for Intel vPro technology, you should be using it.

Get more value from your vPro-enabled devices.

As one of the country’s largest solution providers, Zones deploys thousands of mobile devices and PCs powered by high-performance Intel® Core™ processors with vPro™ technology to businesses around the world.

Intel’s vPro technology describes a range of features that enhance the security, manageability, and performance of computers built around high-end Intel Core processors.

But too often, the hardware-enhanced remote manageability and security capabilities that vPro was designed to deliver don’t get activated by IT, leaving a lot of value on the table.

We can help you identify vPro-equipped machines in your fleet and get all the benefits of the features you’ve already paid for.

Intel Authenticate Solution

Intel Authenticate Solution mitigates risk by moving traditional multifactor software functions, like fingerprint identification, into the hardware so that key identity data and policy decisions are no longer exposed or vulnerable to software-based attacks.

Remote Manageability

Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) allows IT to use out-of-band system access, keyboard/video/mouse (KVM) control, and other tools across platforms, helping lower IT support costs.

Intel AMT uses integrated platform capabilities and popular third-party management and security applications to allow IT to better discover, repair, and help protect networked computing assets. Intel AMT also saves time with remote maintenance and wireless manageability for your mobile workforce.

With Intel AMT, you can perform tasks like updating a virus patch across the entire PC fleet or remotely diagnosing and repairing PCs out-of-band, even if the OS is inoperable. Even without power or in the case of operating system failure, Intel AMT out-of-band capabilities keep you in control with minimal effort.

Talk to a Zones account executive about our vPro activation services. It’s the fast, easy, and cost-effective way to capture more value from your investment in vPro-enabled PCs. And if it’s time for a refresh, make sure to ask your Zones account executive to include vPro activation service for your 7th Generation Intel Core vPro processors, so everyone can be as safe and productive as possible, right out of the gate.

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