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2 min read

HPE is transforming the data management experience

Before the pandemic upended life as we know it, workplace modernization was all about “more.” Corporate IT leaders went off in search of more...

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2 min read

APC and HPE are teaming up to transform your data center

It should come as no surprise to anyone that many companies are making data center transformation a priority in 2020. The incentive is clear – with...

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2 min read

Keep your WFH workforce productive with HPE Storage

This has been a challenging year for organizations everywhere. Around the world, employees have had to adapt to new ways of doing business. They’ve...

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5 min read

Cross-pollination: Combining storage, compute, and networking into a single-vendor system.

For decades, evolution in the data center moved at a predictable pace, with incremental progress in accordance with Moore’s Law. Every year,...

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1 min read

The state and future of hyper-converged infrastructure

Hyper-converged appliances simplify the design, deployment and management of complex infrastructures, easing pressure on IT staff and leadership....

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3 min read

Understanding the software-defined data center

Virtualize the infrastructure to transform your business

Until about the year 2000, each server in a data center ran a single application. While this...

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