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The state and future of hyper-converged infrastructure

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Hyper-converged appliances simplify the design, deployment and management of complex infrastructures, easing pressure on IT staff and leadership. With components designed and built from the ground up to function as a pre-validated system, hyper-converged appliances eliminate the risk of incompatibility you run when rolling out a converged infrastructure.

Hyper-convergence delivers three key benefits:

Faster Deployment – You’re acquiring a single appliance from a single vendor. That means no finger-pointing among component manufacturers when you need support.

Simplified Management – A hyper-converged system provides true single-pane-of-glass management for the entire system.

Rapid Scalability – When you need to scale, you simply deploy additional building blocks.

An excellent example of state-of-the-art hyper-converged appliances is Cisco’s HyperFlex System. These appliances evolved to bring new levels of efficiency and adaptability to the data center, allowing IT to deploy in less than an hour, create clones in seconds, and save on data storage day after day, year after year.

What’s next?

Recently, Lenovo announced a new partnership with Nimble Storage – a proven leader in flash storage. Lenovo plans to integrate its XClarity infrastructure management software with Nimble InfoSight which leverages predictive analytics to help automate support. The result is Lenovo’s new ThinkAgile CX Series systems that feature Nimble Predictive All Flash array storage at the core, creating a self-healing infrastructure.

With this technology, the infrastructure monitors itself and addresses storage issues before they happen – without you having to do anything. Lenovo and Nimble will also enable the use of predictive analytics in infrastructure management to automate service activities. These systems will ship soon and represent the next step forward in hyper converged infrastructure, joining hyper-converged solutions today from HPE and Dell at the forefront of data center technology.

Your Zones account executive can connect you with a hyper-converged system expert from our Advanced Solutions Group, who can walk you through all of the advantages a hyper-converged infrastructure can deliver for your data center.

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