Tackle your data management challenges with VMware and Dell Technologies

Tackle your data management challenges with VMware and Dell

As they seek to compete in a crowded marketplace, many companies have identified data center transformation as a key strategic goal. With a revamped approach to managing and sharing data, corporate teams can become far more productive and make a major impact on their bottom lines. But making upgrades in the data center is fraught with challenges – among them increasing cloud sprawl, a demand for faster data restores, and a need for more efficient data protection in today’s uncertain cyber climate.

Thanks to VMware and Dell Technologies, there is a solution for all of these challenges and more. That solution involves combining VMware’s VXRail platform for hyperconverged infrastructure with Dell Technologies’ Data Protection resources. When these two tech giants join forces, you get the best of both worlds – a simple and effective management solution to oversee your IT, plus an “air gap” security solution that protects all your data, both on premises and off.

This approach might sound complicated, but getting started is actually easier than you think. The migration process is simple, as VxRail and VMware Cloud Foundation come with built-in lifecycle management services as well as a host of tools that will ensure pain-free deployment. On top of that, the VMware/Dell Technologies solution is highly effective once you get it set up – when you have a single, integrated platform that extends from your on-prem infrastructure all the way to the cloud, there’s less complexity and smoother workflow for your teams on a daily basis.

Making this move isn’t just a smart decision short-term – it’s also beneficial for your long-term IT planning. One key reason that VXRail is the industry’s leading hyperconverged solution is that it’s flexible and scalable – if and when your business needs evolve over time, you can adapt your infrastructure to fit your staff’s changing demands. The solution is designed to ensure that your data stays secure and your operations are always streamlined and cost-effective, no matter how your organization’s circumstances may change.

Running a business is a complicated endeavor, and you’ve always got to keep an eye on the big picture. In IT, that means being aware of challenges such as managing multiple workloads across disparate cloud platforms and handling all your infrastructure management responsibilities – including security – without breaking the bank. VXRail can play a role in all of that. According to our research, VXRail with Dell Technologies’ security support brings a total cost of operation that’s up to 40% lower than using external storage, and overall the strategy can help clients lower operating costs by up to 52%.

As you look to fine-tune your data management strategy for 2020 and beyond, you’ll be trying to balance a lot of competing goals, no doubt. You’ll want simplicity, productivity, security, and of course cost-effectiveness, and you won’t want to compromise any of them.

Thanks to VMware and Dell Technologies, you don’t have to. And with Zones in your corner as well, you’ll have all the services you need to get your new IT infrastructure up and running without any unexpected hiccups. Are you ready to lift your data to the next level? We can help.

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