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Get the data infrastructure your utility needs from Dell Technologies

If you’re running a utility business in 2020, it’s absolutely crucial that you make data center transformation a priority. After all, the business challenges you face are evolving quickly, and you are constantly being faced with new customers to serve in new areas. This requires fast adaptation to changing conditions in your environment – which means you must have an environment for your data that can keep pace with it all. Is your infrastructure up to that challenge?

If it isn’t yet ready, we’ve got the perfect business partner to help you get up to speed, and that’s Dell Technologies. At Dell Technologies, the name of the game is holistic solutions to complex IT challenges – they build big solutions that address all of your myriad business needs. Time and time again, data management solutions from Dell Technologies have helped clients bring agility and adaptability to their IT infrastructure, leading to overall storage cost savings of up to 23%.

When you tap into Dell Technologies’ solutions for data management, you’ll discover innovative models that offer flexible models for IT consumption. The impact of this is clear – you’ll have the option to invest in data management tools, on either a consumption-based or “as a service” model, in a way that fits your business needs, with no resources wasted along the way. This, in turn, should free up resources that you can reallocate toward true strategic innovation.

You may decide that a largely cloud-based model is the best way to manage all your data. If that’s the case, then Dell Technologies can definitely lend a helping hand. There’s often a great deal of complexity in multi-cloud IT ecosystems, but by pairing Dell Technologies Cloud with VMware, you can simplify operations across your whole environment, achieving greater flexibility and greater control at the same time. Dell Technologies offers a fully integrated turnkey solution that will put you on the fast track to hybrid cloud success.

Alternatively, you may decide that a “Data Center as a Service” approach is a better fit for your business. That’s fine – Dell Technologies can play a key role in that process, too. With Dell’s subscription-based approach to IT, you can enjoy a simple DCaaS model that allows for monthly billing with no CapEx expenditure. This means you can get exactly the amount of data management your business means, without any unnecessary investment on your end.

In Dell Technologies, you have just the right IT manufacturer to help you uncover the data management solutions your business needs. And in Zones, you get the perfect business partner to help you get up and running. We have a proven track record of implementing data management solutions that help our clients achieve at a high level – reach out to us today, and you’ll find out for yourself.

Want to dig a little deeper into the Dell Technologies solutions we’ve got to offer? Explore our website and learn everything you need to know.

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