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Today’s data challenges demand custom solutions – and Dell Technologies can deliver

Today’s data challenges demand custom solutions – and Dell Technologies can deliver

Business as we know it is changing fast – people are moving in droves toward remote and hybrid styles of doing work. They’re tackling their jobs from new locations, using new devices, and trying out new ways of storing and accessing files. This has brought a great deal of flexibility to people’s daily lives – but it’s also led corporate IT leaders to take a good, hard look at their big-picture strategies for data center transformation.

The truth is, there are some serious concerns about the cost-effectiveness of traditional data management strategies. According to a recent Forrester report, storage management as we once knew it is dying – in its place, businesses are looking for new ideas that will help them save operating costs on everything from data center floor space to scheduled downtime to hardware maintenance.

And ideally, their data management strategies wouldn’t just be cookie-cutter IT tools – they’d be adaptable solutions that are customized to meet their specific needs.

The value of adaptable storage solutions

That’s exactly what Dell Technologies offers. With Dell Technologies, businesses can invest in a strategic, solutions-focused approach that ensures their IT operations are optimized to handle modern workloads. Whether your users are in-house or remote, or their workloads are large or small, Dell Technologies’ data solutions are adaptable to meet your needs. With a custom Dell APEX solution, you’ll have an on-demand IT environment that leverages flexible consumption to deliver the right capabilities for you.

To stay competitive in today’s business world, you need to have an optimized approach to data management. There are a lot of ways to pursue this goal, but Dell PowerStore is a solution that’s uniquely well equipped to drive your digital transformation. It offers a data-centric design, which makes it easy to optimize storage efficiency, as well as intelligent automation, which enables you to simplify IT management. Plus, with flexible deployment models and payment plans, your IT will be highly adaptable to fit your business model and budget.

It’s important for any business nowadays to build an IT ecosystem that’s prepared for the future. The first step of this process is to assess demand and catalog your existing storage use cases – once you’ve completed this step, you’re able to draw up a comprehensive plan for data management. You can map out where your files are stored, how much you’re investing in storage, and who’s accountable for managing that process.

A winning partnership

Dell Technologies and Zones, together, are eager to help businesses like yours to navigate that journey. Data center solutions from Dell Technologies offer clients the agility, speed, and scalability they need to improve the user experience for employees and drive digital transformation across the organization. And at Zones, we’re able to design data management solutions that include on-prem elements, cloud storage, or a hybrid of the two, depending on your business needs. With Dell PowerStore, Dell APEX, and capable service from Zones, the sky's the limit.

Connect with us today to explore everything Dell Technologies and Zones can do for you.

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