It’s time for leaders to redefine work for the better

It's time for leaders to redefine work for the better

The events of 2020 have obviously presented myriad challenges for business leaders. As companies have largely shifted to remote work, their leaders have had to find entirely new strategies for working, for managing data, and ultimately for running a successful business.

This has been difficult. But viewed another way, it’s also presented a real opportunity for workplace modernization. Now is a great time for leaders to ask themselves: How can they take the lessons they’ve learned this year and use them to redefine work, long-term, for the better?

The answer likely involves shifting toward a more “digital first” mindset. According to a report from Dell Technologies, entitled “Redefining the Workplace,” this year has made it clear that digital access is moving up the hierarchy of need – all employees must have a high level of connectivity and performance in their computing environment for a business to be successful. This means that business leaders may need to rethink the way they deliver IT services.

It’s important to note that the ways we work are changing rapidly. Businesses today need to embrace a hybrid style of working in which some people are in office, others are remote, and still others drift back and forth between the two. This means people must have smooth, seamless ways of interacting with each other, sharing data, and staying both collaborative and productive, even when their physical locations are in flux.

Dell Technologies’ solutions can play a role in this process. In Dell Optimizer, companies can deploy built-in, AI-based optimization software that will learn and adapt to the ways that people work. It includes ExpressResponse, which uses machine learning to boost users’ preferred applications and processes, as well as ExpressCharge, which helps optimize power management. The business landscape is changing quickly, and today’s employees need technology that helps them stay productive from anywhere, at all times. Dell Optimizer can do that.

Ultimately, this is a conversation about workforce enablement. Because work looks dramatically different in 2020 than it ever has before, it’s crucial that corporate IT leaders adopt solutions that fit the new paradigm. This means empowering people to work in a truly modern way. People today work in unpredictable ways. They’re operating from new locations, using new devices, and staying connected from a wide range of endpoints. A dynamic way of working demands equally dynamic corporate IT.

Zones and Dell Technologies, together, are working hard to deliver that. At Zones, we understand full well the value of Workplace Modernization, and as the workforce becomes more mobile and remote, we’re here to help our clients adapt. Because we’re a key strategic partner with Dell Technologies, we have access to the best IT products and solutions that money can buy, and we’re ready to deploy them for you. Connect with us today, and you’ll see it firsthand.

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