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Dell Technologies and Windows 11 are teaming up to drive hybrid work success

Especially right now, as remote and hybrid work become increasingly common, corporate IT leaders have been pushing to invest in workplace modernization. As employees face unprecedented new challenges, it’s more important than ever to give them the best possible modern technology and put them in a position to succeed.

But what are the most important assets to invest in? Should the focus be on devices? Or perhaps operating systems are more important? The debate rages on.

Lately, a new school of thought has begun to emerge – why not both? Two things have become clear – one, that the new Windows 11 is Microsoft’s best OS yet, and it brings unique capabilities that will enhance everyone’s workday, and two, that devices from Dell Technologies are perfectly well equipped to maximize the value of Windows 11. With an intelligent Dell Latitude 9000 Series laptop, or Dell OptiPlex Micro desktop, that’s fully loaded with Dell Optimizer and the new Windows 11, you’ll realize that Dell devices and Windows 11 are simply better together.

Windows 11 features

Let’s talk about Windows 11 first. The beauty of Windows 11 is that it offers enhanced features that enable a more personalized work experience. Microsoft’s technology is designed to adapt to the way you work – for example, their snap layouts help you better organize your screen real estate, and customizable widgets help you keep track of all your upcoming meetings and tasks. Plus you can enjoy custom desktops as well as a “Type Pen Talk” feature that lets you type with voice command, no keyboard required.

Dell Technologies device features

As for Dell Technologies, their laptops come loaded with features that will make that daily grind easier, especially for remote and hybrid employees. It all begins with improved performance – your most important apps will open faster and perform better, thanks to ExpressResponse. On top of that, you’ll enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, as it’s easy to join the best networks and switch to a stronger network when available, and you’ll have improved battery utilization, too. ExpressCharge is there to charge your device faster and extend run times whenever possible.

Overall, the goal here is to prepare you and your employees for hybrid work. After all, having people work outside the office is no longer seen as a quick fix – it’s become a way of life for millions of people. And with that being the case, it’s important to have the right technologies so people can work and collaborate the way they want. With devices from Dell Technologies and Windows 11, they can do that. They’ll enjoy smart and safe collaboration, a secure user experience, and a complete ecosystem of powerful tools and professional-grade accessories.

Work with Dell Technologies, Microsoft, and Zones

When it comes to Workplace Modernization, there’s no better time than the present to take action. And thanks to the all-star team of Dell Technologies, Microsoft, and Zones, you can do so today – easily and affordably. Don’t let logistical hurdles or budget constraints hold you back from your digital transformation. Instead, connect with us, and we’ll get to work, drawing up a roadmap for your remote and hybrid IT future.

eBook: Enable Better Hybrid Work with Windows 11 and Dell Technologies
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