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Empower your remote teams to succeed with Dell Technologies

These are challenging times for everyone in the business world, and everyone is working hard to power through them as best they can. One of the primary areas they’re working involves workplace modernization. Companies everywhere are investing more in digital transformation than ever, as they look to build a fluid remote workforce that can be productive from anywhere. As this effort is ongoing, IT leaders are looking to accelerate their growth by deploying manageable devices and building a dynamic, responsive IT environment.

There’s a great deal of research showing that this is a widespread phenomenon. For example, in the most recent Dell Transformation Index survey, 80% of respondents said that they are fast-tracking their digital transformation this year. Additionally, 89% said they need to have a more agile IT infrastructure to allow for contingencies. ​And there’s also evidence that IT leaders see now as the right time to take action – 74% of companies say they plan to make a permanent shift to a more permanent remote work environment in the wake of COVID-19.

So how will you create this environment for your own business? We have an idea – you can let Dell Technologies accelerate your transformation. As you work to create your optimal digital workplace, Dell can help you shape it – as a business, they’ve spent the last decade providing remote work capabilities to their own global team, so they understand what it takes to undertake this work successfully. They’re now focused on helping everyone else in the world perform their jobs remotely as well.

Between Dell Technologies and Zones, together we have what it takes to equip companies for remote work success. At Zones, we have an award-winning Remote Worker Solution that helps people get the IT they need, right when they need it. And often, what they need is Dell products. The new Latitude, for instance, is the world’s most intelligent business PC. Latitude laptops and 2-in-1s come fully loaded with built-in AI, Dell Optimizer, and ExpressConnect, meaning your people will have all the tools they need to succeed.

Getting your IT in a timely fashion won’t be a problem, either. In addition to RWS’ capabilities, our team at Zones also has a Global Supply Chain as a Service offering, which helps everyone fulfill their IT needs in a timely fashion. No matter what your people need, or where in the world they’re located, we’ll make sure the logistics are handled and your teams are fully equipped to tackle their remote work challenges.

Dell Technologies understands the importance of supporting remote workers in 2021 and beyond – and Zones does, too. Together, we’re teaming up to carry your organization through these challenging times. Connect with a Zones Account Manager today, and we’ll help you empower your people – all of them, everywhere, no matter where they work.

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