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Video conferencing has become the lifeblood of the modern workplace

In recent years, we’ve watched as organizations everywhere have taken their workplace modernization plans and tailored them around an entirely new point of focus – hybrid work. It’s not enough merely to tailor to in-office workers, as many people nowadays are remote. But you can’t focus solely on remote workers, either. A hybrid approach to IT is the only way to accommodate everyone. You need to enable everyone on the team to be collaborative and productive, whether they’re down the hallway or halfway around the world.

Video conferencing is the best way to do that. With a good infrastructure in place for video communications, teams can conduct good, productive work meetings with anyone, anywhere. And as a matter of fact, the most forward-thinking organizations right now are even thinking one step further. They’re not just setting up webcams and mics – they’re creating an entire “experience ecosystem” that gives everyone a consistent work experience, operating fluidly across offices, homes, and remote locations.

Logitech is proud to play a key role in that effort. Logitech designs products and experiences that connect people and help users interact in today’s digital world. Innovative, user-centric product design is at the forefront of everything they create, ensuring truly unique and meaningful experiences. Logitech’s video tools help teams meet face-to-face, inspiring more thoughtful collaboration and ensuring more clarity of communication.

When it comes to video conferencing in today’s hybrid workplace, ease of use is definitely key. You’re often introducing a mess of new technology systems, solutions, and hardware, and this may entail employee training. Your employees don’t have time to spend hours and hours learning a new webcam or headset, so you need to deploy solutions that are simple. They should be easy to install, easy to use, and provide a consistent experience in every environment. Thankfully, this is exactly what Logitech’s solutions are. Their user-friendly technology reduces the need for additional training, ensuring a rapid adoption rate and creating a more productive collaboration experience.

Logitech solutions also allow for remote management, which is essential in this era of hybrid work. It’s important for your IT team to be able to provision and manage devices in an efficient manner, and Logitech fortunately makes this easy. Your organization’s tech specialists will be able to handle all manner of device setup and configuration issues, as well as support tickets for all team members, from any location. This will empower your team to be more productive.

That’s what it’s all about. Together, Logitech and Zones will work to drive greater flexibility and productivity for your business. Logitech understands that video conferencing has fully matured, and it’s emerged as the mainstream driver of productivity for organizations everywhere. That’s why they’re committed to helping clients of all sizes – small, medium, and large – make the most of it. And at Zones, we’re proud to be a Logitech partner. We work hard every day to help organizations make the most of Logitech solutions. Connect with us, and you’ll find out for yourself.

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