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How Cisco simplifies threat detection with inline security telemetry

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With every passing month, it becomes more and more clear that remote work is here to stay. Having employees distributed away from the workplace is not just a temporary measure, taken to stem the tide of the COVID-19 pandemic – it’s a real, permanent change to the way workers work and teams collaborate. And of course, it’s one that presents myriad challenges for business leaders to work through – not the least of which concerns network optimization.

IT leaders everywhere are coming to the realization: The network today is wherever the users are. And that could be absolutely anywhere. We live in a mobile world where the numbers of users, devices, and things connecting to the network are growing rapidly every day – and this isn’t going to change anytime soon. Consider this: Research from Global Workplace Analytics shows that about 70% of the workforce will work remotely at least five days a month by 2025. This means that, to manage such a large remote workforce, IT will need strategies that are efficient, smart, and above all secure.

Cisco makes that possible. With the Catalyst 9000 portfolio of switches, Cisco offers access points and wireless controllers that give you more so you can do more. You’ll enjoy a common OS that works across multiple platforms, giving you the advanced automation and monitoring needed to centralize network management. The benefits of this approach are numerous – they include enhanced security, superior automation, better performance, and the capability to tap into cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

In this era, when employees could be accessing your network from anywhere, it’s important to note: Hackers could be, too. That’s why it’s so crucial to have a “zero trust” approach to cybersecurity. No one should be allowed to access your network without first proving they have the proper credentials. And the good news is, Cisco has a unique way of enforcing zero-trust security guidelines. By generating inline telemetry directly on the Catalyst 9000 switches, Cisco eliminates the need to make copies of traffic from every switch and send them to multiple services. Instead, all traffic flows through Cisco DNA Center, and everything is under control.

This can have a transformative impact on your business. To manage a large organization, with a vast network of distributed employees, you need to have an expansive view across your entire environment, yet also have the ability to zoom in on security anomalies and threats from devices of all types. Cisco’s Catalyst 9000 switches and access points provide a uniquely high level of traffic telemetry that makes this possible. Thanks to Cisco, you’ll have a vast matrix of sensors at your fingertips, supplying the data you need to monitor, detect, isolate, and report on threats as they occur.

This is what Cisco does. Cisco has always delivered solutions that increase your operational efficiency, freeing up your people and your technology to do more. Cisco has what it takes to transform your business with respect to network infrastructure, collaboration, data centers, security, and more.

And at Zones, we’re a Cisco Gold Certified Partner. We have the highest possible level of partnership with Cisco, which means we’ve consistently shown the knowledge and the experience to deliver the right Cisco solutions for our clients, without fail, every time.

If you’d like us to work that magic for you, all you’ve got to do is reach out. Connect with a Zones Account Manager today.

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