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Get a handle on your healthcare data with Cisco Intersight

Having a focus on network optimization is key in every industry today, but nowhere is it more critical right now than in healthcare. It’s not hard to see why – quite simply, it’s because the amount of data that healthcare professionals have to work with every day is skyrocketing.

According to a recent International Data Corporation report, the amount of data in healthcare is expected to increase 36% every year between now and 2025. That’s far more than in any other sector. The way we deliver care in the 21st century is dramatically different than before, as connected devices are absolutely everywhere. It’s not uncommon to have a dozen or more by a single hospital bed – and all of them are generating and accessing endless amounts of data. This means it’s essential for healthcare organizations to have infrastructures in place for managing it all.

We’ve got one solution in mind. With Cisco Intersight, you have a systems management platform that delivers easy data center management through hybrid cloud technology. It’s an intuitive approach to computing that relies in cloud-powered intelligence – based on Cisco HyperFlex, it uses model-based management to provision servers and storage. Given the massive amount of data out there these days, in healthcare especially, Intersight offers a way to manage it that simplifies deployment and increases organizational agility.

With this new technology in your toolbox, your healthcare organization will be able to accomplish great things. For starters, you can automate IT management in ways that were never possible with traditional tools. This will lead to significant savings – by delivering applications faster and supporting new business initiatives with ease, you will naturally see the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your infrastructure drop.

The long-term impact of this move should be tremendous. After all, given how fast healthcare data is growing today, organizations need to move quickly to adapt – they might find themselves completely overwhelmed otherwise. With Cisco’s solutions for data management, moving quickly isn’t a problem. You don’t have to build and maintain an entire data center – you have a custom-built solution for managing medical records that can be at your fingertips within minutes. And since it was designed with the biggest electronic health record providers in mind, you know it’s ready for the specific challenges that healthcare presents.

Cisco has the tools to help the modern healthcare organization get a handle on its data. And at Zones, we’ve got all the knowledge and experience needed to help. We specialize in designing Cisco solutions that free up IT resources and increase efficiency for everyone. We’re a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, which means we’ve worked with countless clients to deliver Cisco solutions over the years, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

Want to know more about our Cisco offerings? You’re in the right place – just read on.

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