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Take on the challenge of data management with Cisco HyperFlex

Network optimization is crucial today for businesses of all shapes and sizes. With so many employees now working remotely and using a wide range of their own devices, it’s crucial for employers to have an infrastructure in place that allows them to store and access data seamlessly.

Often, companies turn to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) for precisely this purpose. With VDI, companies can easily host a wide range of desktop, laptop, and other environments, all from one central server. Each device is managed as a virtual machine (VM) and is easy for IT to access and secure. Adopting VDI is a great way to support mobility, as users and their IT managers can easily reach each other, regardless of their devices or locations. It’s effectively a virtual office, available on demand.

There are challenges, though. Many of them involve security – when you have a large number of mission-critical web and application servers all using one common infrastructure, your virtual machines are going to face a higher risk for security threats. Inter-machine virtual traffic, especially in dynamic environments with a lot of devices, will often be targets for cyberattacks. In addition to the security issue, there’s also cost to consider – when you have an ever-increasing number of virtual desktops, VDI deployment can get expensive.

One solution that helps address these concerns is Cisco HyperFlex. HyperFlex systems combine software-defined storage with data services software, resulting in a converged infrastructure system that helps increase efficiency and centralize management processes. Especially right now, with the rapid rise in remote work this year, there’s been a major uptick in the number of companies adopting virtualization platforms, and HyperFlex in particular. This strong VDI solution makes it easy to support portability and security at the same time, all without breaking the bank.

When you adopt a solution like HyperFlex, the benefits will be apparent right away. First and foremost, you’ll see simpler and more agile operations. Your VDI environment will be up and running in less than an hour, and you’ll immediately see a consistently high level of performance that reduces your daily management challenges. On top of that, you’ll see easier scaling as your environment grows over time, as you’ll have a fully adaptable infrastructure. If you need to increase computing or storage capacity, that’s not a problem.

This sort of technology will have many applications – perhaps especially in healthcare, where it can really transform the process of delivering top-notch patient care. HyperFlex was designed with the biggest providers of electronic health records in mind, such as Epic and Cerner, but it’s also agile enough to support IT for smaller healthcare organizations. With the amount of healthcare data in the world growing rapidly, it’s important to have a way to manage it that provides efficiency and simplicity. HyperFlex is it.

As for us at Zones, we’re better equipped than anyone to lead you on your HyperFlex adoption journey. We are a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, which means we have a close relationship with Cisco and a high level of expertise on their offerings. On a regular basis, we deliver Cisco solutions for our clients that help them increase operational efficiency, free up IT resources, and help them achieve more every single day. We’re ready to do the same for you next.

Interested? Keep reading our website for more information. Or reach out to a Zones Account Manager and ask about our Cisco remote worker offers.

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