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Enabling a better employee experience with digital technology

Enabling a better employee experience with digital technology

With businesses everywhere working quickly to create better employee experiences, the workplace today must be equipped with proven digital capabilities to enable work from anywhere. Workers should be able to access all the information and applications they need to tackle their daily job responsibilities, and they should enjoy ease of use from all over the world.

According to a recent study by the Economist, 33% of people expect their work digital experiences to be at par with their consumer digital experiences. Thus, employee experience and customer experience need to be in alignment to achieve higher business goals.

An effective workplace is all about user experience

According to the 2021 Gartner CEO Survey, CEOs are showing increased intentions to invest in digital initiatives. The idea is to move from a service-centric approach to a more user-centric approach, with automation and AI giving more visibility into work processes. Hence, the industry is more interested in signing up for experience-level agreements to improve the experience of both internal and external stakeholders.

Specifically, companies are frequently investing in the following areas:

  • User-centric service desks: A user-centric service desk puts users at the center. You listen, prioritize, and attend to user needs without allowing the technology to take the lead.
  • Continuous automation: Automation reduces the amount of human intervention needed to increase efficiency and optimize quality checks by streamlining every aspect of the business.
  • Cognitive chatbot services: Chatbots make it easier for developers to access and integrate AI by unlocking APIs and varied use cases.
  • Efficient use of data and analytics: Analytics have taken on many pivotal roles in the modern business, from effectively analyzing business processes to driving increased revenue.
  • Machine learning and AI: These innovative new technologies extend data analysis to understand and automatically learn from past behavior.
  • Self-service applications: With self-service, users can complete tasks and transactions without any dependency on human representatives. This empowers them to control their own destiny.

Why invest in improved employee experience?

Upgrading workplaces with improved digital experiences is essential to simplify employee work processes. Businesses that undertake these changes can reap a number of benefits:

  • Enhanced convenience and ease of use and access
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Improved communication and collaboration across the enterprise
  • Greater personalization and more engaging experiences
  • Increased engagement among all employees

Creating an effective digital employee experience

In this rapidly evolving landscape, digital is a prerequisite for success. CEOs around the globe are envisioning people-first, purpose-led digital experiences. Companies are embracing flexible hybrid work and establishing digital ecosystems.

To ensure a successful technology migration, it is important to analyze the business’ current infrastructure and implement the most cost-effective, secure, and efficient technological framework. Proper training is also essential, as it helps employees become proficient in using new solutions and unlock their full potential. Automating routine tasks and processes through digital workflows and onboarding software can streamline HR-related processes and reduce downtime.

A phased approach to digital adoption can help prepare the entire organization for change. To that end, it’s important to create a culture of digital growth and agility by communicating and educating employees about new processes. This will create a positive and enriching work culture where employees are comfortable with and embrace new technologies.

To improve the employee experience, organizations should prioritize their employees and create a dedicated management function to focus on the digital aspect of the employee experience. This should involve creating a strategy and implementing technology solutions that enhance the customer and employee experience and align with the overall business goals. The ultimate goal is to use digital experiences to provide a more personalized and human touch.

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