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Acquiring new technology is often viewed as an end goal, but it’s just the beginning. The journey certainly doesn’t end there, and it starts well before purchasing too.

Logistics and integration at Zones is a great example. We pride ourselves on delivering customer satisfaction throughout the entire process by carefully planning, packing, racking, stacking, and tracking orders from the point of origin all the way to their final destination. No matter the size of a project, we support it from end to end. But just what does that end-to-end service look like? Let’s walk through the full IT lifecycle to find out.

Design & Plan

The most promising projects can fizzle out in the early stages without proper implementation plans in place, so taking the time to develop them in advance is vital. That’s why our process begins with rigorous design and planning. Project management services from a knowledgeable provider like Zones can help you map out the scope, the cost, and a process to implement new technologies into your organization. Together, we can create an end-to-end plan that covers delivery and schedule management, transportation, and closeouts to review performance.


Once you’ve consulted with our experts and developed a plan, you can proceed to procurement. Between all of the different platforms for purchasing and the negotiations involved in the deals themselves, there are plenty of complicating factors at play. But we have a way to simplify all of them. A single-source procurement portal like ZonesConnect™ can mitigate risk and minimize complexity, as well as offer greater visibility into your order status. It’s also important to take geography into account – not every provider can deliver to every location. Fortunately, Zones has offices, distribution facilities, and affiliates in more than 80 countries around the world. That global presence gives us everything we need to fulfill orders on an international scale.

Stage & Configure

Of course, different businesses have different needs, and it’s important to find service providers who recognize this fact. Seek out professionals who can stage and configure your assets to suit your company’s specifications. That way, your new technology will be ready to deploy on day one.

What does this customization look like? At Zones, we’ve seen – and delivered – all kinds. It could take the form of imaging, preinstallation of hardware/software, or mobility configuration. It could also bundle items and services together via kitting services or our “office in a box” offering. Perhaps asset tagging is required to track and sort new devices. Or maybe specially tailored packaging or pallets are needed. Whatever your requirements, you’ll want a provider who can deliver this degree of personalized service – it will save you plenty of time and resources later.


When the new IT arrives, you can begin the deployment process. It’s smart to enlist the help of an accomplished provider for this leg of the journey – you want to ensure your technology is installed and outfitted properly. The most proactive providers will even conduct readiness assessments to confirm that your organization is prepared to support and utilize the new devices. If possible, aim for zero-touch deployment – it’s a holistic installation of your new resources, including configuration for end users, that doesn’t require any action on your part. This can considerably lighten the load.

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This article originally appeared in the Summer 2018 edition of Solutions by Zones magazine.

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