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Apple and Zones are driving student success in higher education

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When you undertake workplace modernization efforts, you’re doing it for a reason. You aren’t just buying up technology for technology’s sake – you undoubtedly have a more strategic approach in mind. You’re doing it to achieve a tangible set of goals – whatever defines success in your field, you want to have IT that will help you pursue it.

In higher education, for instance, it’s a matter of clear, measurable student success. You want devices, apps, and more IT infrastructure that will make that happen.

If you ask the experts at Apple, they’ll tell you there’s a wide range of indicators that show student success in higher education. These include student retention, educational attainment, academic achievement, and holistic development – and they can only be achieved by supporting students both personally and academically. That’s why many universities provide students with Apple devices – including Mac, iPad, and more – that give their entire student bodies equitable access to tools and resources that will support them.

Apple’s view is that cutting-edge technology makes it easier for higher ed institutions to achieve success. That’s why their devices are designed with education in mind, and they’ve got everything students need in their daily lives:

  • Productivity. Mac and iPad are compatible with all the apps you need to get through the daily – Pages, Keynote, iMovie, Mail, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Messages, and many more.
  • Compatibility. Apple products are designed to work equally well everywhere – including classrooms, lecture halls, and study areas – so that students always have a consistent experience.
  • Research. Apple products are powerful tools for collecting data, performing advanced analytics, and designing solutions to a wide range of academic challenges.

At the end of the day, what we’re really talking about is delivering great student experiences. College is challenging for any young adult, as it’s a time of personal discovery both academically and otherwise. With great technology, the challenges become a little easier to overcome. That’s why it’s so crucial that Apple’s devices are powerful enough to handle any workload, plus easily compatible with each other and fully loaded with the apps students know and love.

And here’s the best part: At Zones, we are ready to work with you, helping you to procure all the Apple devices your students and faculty need. We were recently authorized to sell Apple to the higher education segment, and we are poised to get to work on that right away. Not only can we order all the Apple you need, but, thanks to our Global Supply Chain as a Service offering, we’re also well equipped to ship it straight to your users as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And what’s more, we don’t stop at just shipping you devices. Our approach to Workplace Modernization has always been much broader than that. We’re not just looking to sell you IT – we want to help you craft an all-around technology strategy. With Apple, that’s never been easier, as Apple Business Manager can lead the way. Together, Zones and Apple will get you your devices, help you deploy them, and guide you through a comprehensive strategy for mobile device management (MDM).

To find out for yourself, connect with us today. We’ll show you the wide world of possibilities that are there for the taking when you work with Apple and Zones.

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