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Mobile POS, Wi-Fi, and digital signage can boost customer engagement

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When retail businesses undertake large workplace modernization projects, they’re not just doing it on a whim – they’re usually starting with a strategic goal in mind. Namely, they’re looking for a way to increase sales.

Often, though, the path can seem indirect. Implementing new technologies, like Wi-Fi in your store locations, might seem like a handy way to make life a little more convenient for people, but how does that translate? How does a little extra convenience in people’s lives lead to real, tangible money in the bank?

Here’s one possible answer to that question: It’s about better engagement. If you’re able to truly engage with customers in real time, you can reap tremendous benefits both now and later. You can increase sales immediately, plus strengthen customer relationships that will benefit your business for years to come.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how three particular technologies – mobile POS, Wi-Fi and digital signage – are improving customer engagement in retail.

  • Mobile POS: Transforming the customer experience isn’t always about creating a big show with lots of bells and whistles – the little details matter. One key little detail is how quickly your stores can make transactions. A fast point-of-sale system will speed up the buying process for everyone, which means a smoother experience and far less time waiting in line for everyone. People will definitely take notice.
  • Wi-Fi: Making Wi-Fi easily available to your customers will pay dividends both now and later. People will enjoy the connectivity, which will enhance the shopping experience and make it easier to complete sales. They’ll also contribute valuable data which will help you fine-tune your business strategies for the future. You’ll be able to reshape your entire approach to retail, using an analytics-driven strategy that caters to consumers’ specific needs.
  • Digital signage: Using digital signage in your store locations is a great way to create an interactive customer experience. The moment someone walks into your store, you can greet them with an interactive message that will help guide them through the shopping experience. You can recommend hot products, advertise new promotions, and more. The added engagement will also boost the amount of time shoppers spend in your stores, which leads directly to greater revenues.

For all of the above tech advancements, it helps to have a trusted business partner by your side who can help you implement them. That’s what we are at Zones. We have vast experience in Store & Branch Modernization, and we’ve worked with countless vendors – including Cisco, Dell Technologies, Apple, Samsung, Zebra, and others – to design custom solutions for our clients.

Could your business benefit from such a solution? Today’s a good day to find out.

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