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5 ways Cisco Meraki Dashboard helps simplify healthcare IT

The healthcare industry is dealing with a greater burden right now than ever before. Organizations are dealing with more patients and handling more data than ever before, and often with less clinical staff. This puts a higher reliance on digital solutions which results in greater demands on their IT infrastructure.

This is especially taxing because right now, there’s also a big push to deliver remote care. It’s not easy to care for patients remotely while also looking out for security and compliance issues – and all without stretching your resources too thin. To pull all of this off is going to take an intense focus on network optimization.

Thankfully, there is one solution that makes all of this a little easier, and that’s Cisco Meraki Dashboard, with Cisco Umbrella. What Umbrella does is unify DNS-layer security, secure web gateways, cloud access security, and application-aware firewall functionalities to give you one single portal for all healthcare IT management. The result is that your IT team can automate processes, cut costs, and save everyone precious time.

The benefits of unified healthcare IT security

So how will this tangibly benefit your business? A lot of ways, actually. Let’s take a deep dive into the positive impacts of Cisco Meraki Dashboard in healthcare:


Customers, developers, partners, and integrators can use Meraki Dashboard to automate countless tasks that would be tedious otherwise. This frees up their time and energy in a significant way, allowing them to focus more on strategic initiatives that will help them truly shine in their roles.

Firewall API Endpoints

IT teams can now use Meraki Dashboard to configure, manage, and back up new MX firewall rules. This capability is perfect for managing large-scale deployments, whether it be for a large organization or for numerous sites within a healthcare system.

Bluetooth Beaconing

Meraki Bluetooth beacons allow healthcare organizations to track the location of equipment, staff, and patients which helps to increase service to their patients and optimize their operations by.


If someone tapped you on the shoulder today and asked you for a comprehensive audit of all your dashboards and their administrators, could you come up with it? With Meraki Dashboard, that’s a breeze. You can quickly report on devices, users, cross-organization trends, and more, all with the click of a mouse in one single view.


The data from your dashboard shouldn’t just be siloed in one place – you should have it available at all times, ready to use for a wide range of applications. And with Meraki Dashboard, you will. You can easily integrate your data into all sorts of tasks, including service desk tickets, access control, patient data management, and more.

The healthcare sector is enduring challenging times – but Cisco is here to help you manage it. With solutions like Meraki Dashboard, healthcare IT professionals will have all the tools they need to drive operational efficiency and free up resources, right at their fingertips.

And at Zones, we’re proud to say we’re a Gold-certified Cisco partner. So if you’re looking to deploy Cisco solutions right away and begin reaping the benefits, there’s no one better positioned than us to make that happen. So reach out! Ask us how we can serve your organization. We would love to work with you.

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