In today’s climate, a disaster recovery plan is crucial

In today’s climate, a disaster recovery plan is crucial

As companies these days go about the business of data center transformation, they often do so with a particular focus on minimizing IT disruption. If employees are without access to their data, a number of negative side effects can stem from that, including lost sales, a damaged brand reputation, and possibly a complete shutdown of your business. It should therefore come as no surprise that IT leaders everywhere are focusing on disaster recovery (DR). Whenever anything goes wrong, an organization must have the resiliency to overcome the problem quickly and efficiently.

When you dive into the numbers on data disruption in the business world, the picture looks pretty grim. Recent market research found that in the typical enterprise, a critical server outage can cause about $400,000 per hour in lost revenue. A longer outage is even worse – among companies that have lost access to their data centers for 10 days or more, 93% of them filed for bankruptcy within one year of the incident. Given these figures, it’s pretty clear that having a quick and responsive DR strategy is absolutely crucial.

Having said that, there are a number of challenges for companies looking to tackle DR effectively. The first is that cyberthreats – ransomware attacks in particular – are becoming increasingly sophisticated over time, which means DR strategies must grow in complexity as well. The second is that DR implementations often present a number of logistical snags along the way, including setting up data backup infrastructures and managing the initial testing process. On top of that, there’s also a need for dynamic DR applications, as best practices tend to change rapidly and adaptation is key. The best solutions for DR are able to address all of the above challenges and more.

At Zones, we believe we can deliver what you’re looking for. We have a range of disaster recovery offerings that will help you assess your current environment, then plan for the design and implementation of a DR plan that will work for you. Are you looking to adopt a cloud-based blueprint? Something with more of an on-prem focus? Maybe a little of both? In any event, we can map out a strategy that’s tailored to your needs.

When you go with Zones for your DR needs, you can unlock a whole host of benefits. One is the simplicity of going through a single point of contact – you no longer have to worry about using a complicated mess of different solutions and providers. You can also count on reliable, always-available tech support to help you during times of crisis. And of course, there are the cost savings. At Zones, we work hard to create DR solutions that are cost-effective and scalable, meaning your IT budget will be in good shape no matter how your needs change over time.

As you move your business forward into 2020 and beyond, you want to have an IT infrastructure you can trust through thick and thin. When things get tough, you’ll need to have a fast, reliable plan to respond to any adversity. Zones can be a trusted partner to your business as you go about devising that plan. It’s one of the things we do best.

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