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Why the cloud is the ‘backbone of remote work’ today

Among savvy business IT leaders, there’s always been an understanding that data center transformation should be a focus. When you become smarter and more efficient about how you manage data, it’s often a key source of competitive advantage for your business. This has always been the case.

But it’s especially true now. Over the last two years, as a global pandemic has brought about a realignment in how we work on a daily basis, companies have leaned more heavily than ever on nimble, adaptable approaches to data. Specifically, they’re leaning on the cloud.

According to Forbes, it’s become clear in 2021 that the cloud has emerged as the backbone of remote work. Chris DeRamus, VP of technology for DivvyCloud, pointed out that cloud-based remote work began as a public health necessity during the early days of COVID-19, but attitudes evolved in the months that followed. Business leaders now are realizing that allowing people to work from home, and manage their data in the cloud rather than in-office, can drive greater productivity and employee comfort.

“While not every job or industry will ever be 100% remote, companies can still leverage cloud apps and services to continue enabling workers – both remotely and in the office,” DeRamus explained. “With a proper understanding of how to implement and support a remote workforce and the challenges that come with this, remote styles of work can be a win-win for employees and employers.”

The operative phrase there is “leverage cloud apps and services.” It’s dawned on IT leaders this year that the cloud is what drives everything. With the right cloud infrastructure in place, employees everywhere are able to share information, communicate in real time, collaborate, and ultimately get stuff done. Perhaps in a previous era, we had physical workspaces with meeting rooms; what we instead have now is the cloud. For IT, the challenge is to take a close look at what cloud apps and services they’re investing in, making strategic decisions that will drive business growth.

At Zones, we’re proud to say we can help with that. Our team of IT experts has the knowledge and experience to walk you through the entire cloud process, step by step. We offer Cloud Assessment services to help you size up your environment and evaluate your needs, Cloud Migration & Implementation services to get you started, Cloud Optimization services to fine-tune your infrastructure as you go. With us, you really do get the complete package.

This is what it takes to lead a successful business in 2021. Data Center Transformation has always been important, but this is the year that the cloud, specifically, has shown itself to be absolutely essential. And at Zones, we are excited to get to work for your business, guiding you through the cloud journey and giving you all the tools you need to be successful.

If you’d like to dig deeper into the possibilities, just reach out. We would love to hear from you.

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