Give your employees the technology to work from anywhere

Give your employees the technology to work from anywhere

Needless to say, a great deal has changed in 2020. Less than a year ago, emphasizing workplace modernization used to mean investing in technology for your office – like new desktops, laptops, and mobile devices that people could use at their desks, in your facility, in the course of a regular 9-to-5 work day.

The “workplace” now looks radically different than it did then. In many organizations, the 9-to-5 office day is now considered a thing of the past; people are tackling their job responsibilities remotely rather than staying in traditional work environments. This, of course, means your business has to rethink its approach to modernizing technology.

Many corporate IT leaders are using this time as a chance to be creative. Rather than simply trying to replicate the traditional workplace experience in remote settings, they’re instead adapting to “the new normal” and redesigning work as we know it. While a laptop and a company email account are nominally enough to set your workers up to work remotely, the smartest employers are going the extra mile. They’ve discovered that investing more money, time, and effort into a more robust remote solution will offer countless benefits.

One of those benefits, no doubt, is heightened employee engagement. The data proves that people these days are happier when you offer them remote work options – a Buffer report on the state of remote work in 2020 found that 98% of people who work from home currently would like to continue doing so moving forward. Along those same lines, 97% said they would recommend remote work to others, and 70% said they are happy with the amount of work they perform remotely. The numbers don’t lie.

At Zones, we have a number of IT offerings that should drive your employees to succeed in a remote setting. In fact, our Remote Worker Solution was designed with the goal of simplifying IT for your distributed workforce. We understand that business is quickly evolving, and we’ve worked just as quickly to develop new tech tools to help you keep up. Our solution includes: Asset Management, Lifecycle Management, Technical Support, Shipping & Logistics, Endpoint Security Management, Blue Light Zones™, Mobile Asset Management, Mobile Device Management, and Collaboration. Together, these offerings will take your staff to the next level.

A lot of business leaders have misgivings about remote work – they may fear that it will lead employees to become disengaged or less productive. In fact, though, the opposite is often true. In that same Buffer survey, it was revealed that only 7% of people saw remote work as having any impact on their motivation, and many employees reported that their productivity went up, not down, when they were able to work remotely. This goes to show that by investing in remote work, you’re actually setting your people up for success.

In all of these efforts, you need a partner who can work closely with you to design a revamped, remote-friendly IT infrastructure. That’s where Zones comes in. We’re here to help your users get the most out of working from anywhere – we’ll leverage our relationships with major OEMs to transform your business to enable remote worker productivity. The process of Workplace Modernization is changing rapidly before your eyes, and we’ll give you everything you need to keep up.

Want more information on our Remote Worker Solution? We’ve got plenty – check out this site and get yourself up to speed.

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