Zones 365Essentials can help your organization modernize with ease

Zones 365Essentials can help your organization modernize with ease

Employees today are working from home more than ever before, and with this change comes a great deal of demand for organizations to invest in workplace modernization.

This is only natural – with so many people working remotely, it’s not feasible to continue running a business the same way you always have. You’ve got to adapt. You’ve got to give people an agile, flexible way of tackling their work responsibilities that adjusts to the new world we all live in.

For millions of employees worldwide, the solution is Microsoft Office 365 E1. The latest version of Office gives employees everything they need to tackle their work effectively each day, ranging from business-class email with Exchange to features like meetings, instant messaging, file storage, and various collaborative platforms. During times like these, it’s a godsend.

But make no mistake: O365 is not without its gaps. There are still some work processes that are too complex and need to be simplified; there is still some data that is not backed up. In addition, there are security gaps to worry about. For the typical organization today, there’s a clear need for a way to efficiently and reliably fill in those gaps.

That’s where Zones comes in. We’re proud to offer our clients access to Zones 365Essentials, a single-click solution that has long-term backup capabilities built in. Zones 365Essentials is a bundling of third-party products that fills in the gaps left by Office 365, thus making it far easier for organizations to handle the complexity of managing a distributed workforce. No Office or Microsoft 365 SKU comes with built-in long-term backup capabilities; this responsibility is pushed back onto the customer. With Zones 365Essentials at your fingertips, you can handle that challenge with ease.

Going this route offers several benefits. The first and most obvious is you’ll enjoy a fast, secure, and flexible backup solution – one that’s built on Microsoft Azure and provides you with unlimited storage and retention of all your data. But the positives don’t end there – you’ll also tap into global threat intelligence that protects your users from online threats like malware and phishing, and you’ll also have smooth integration with existing solutions like SharePoint, Teams, and Power Automate. Your workflow will be automatic, streamlined, and secure.

We work with a couple of key strategic partners to make this solution possible. Trend Micro, for starters, delivers global threat intelligence to protect users from all sorts of threats; their technology gives you total visibility and control over data, apps, and devices, all through one centralized console. Meanwhile, Metallic provides an Office 365 Backup & Recovery tool that features enterprise-grade software packaged as Software as a Service. This guarantees that you have a fast, secure, and flexible backup solution. Thanks to the work of these partners, our backup solution has got you fully covered.

At Zones, that’s what we’re all about – we want to prepare your organization fully for the challenging new era we’re heading into, and we don’t want to leave a single gap behind. That’s the philosophy behind our approach to Workplace Modernization. We’re keenly aware of all the ways the business world is changing today, and we’re committed to helping organizations like yours adapt. For more information on how we can help your organization brave the future of IT, get in touch with a Zones Account Manager.

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