Workspace ONE can deliver exceptional customer experiences in retail

Workspace ONE can deliver exceptional customer experiences in retail

Workplace modernization should be a priority in just about every business environment these days, but it’s perhaps especially important in retail, where it can have a transformative effect for both employees and customers. For those working behind the scenes, having the latest devices helps them handle their daily tasks quickly and efficiently, making them happier on a daily basis. For store patrons, modern technology makes each transaction smoother, and that means they’ll keep coming back.

Right now, there’s one solution that’s head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to driving modernization in retail, and that’s Workspace ONE from VMware. Workspace ONE is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that makes it easy for IT to manage all user apps, on all user devices, simply and securely. This means you can move forward with confidence on modernizing your business, adopting new high-tech solutions that will delight employees and customers alike.

In one recent example, a chain of cafes wanted to improve service by using mobile apps and in-store kiosks that customers could use to order meals quickly. They needed a system that would give users a large amount of customization and control, allowing them to decide how they shopped and when they picked up their orders. Workspace ONE made this easy, giving them a streamlined system for managing everything. This resulted in cost savings for the business and simple, quick, organized service for customers – a win-win.

In another instance, a retailer set out to increase workforce productivity by giving people access to customer-centric applications they could use to customize the shopper’s journey in stores. The business found it challenging to continue innovating in an industry that was fast-evolving, but Workspace ONE turned out to be a huge asset, helping the retailer completely rework the customer experience. Store patrons could buy faster, and they could buy smarter, too – they had real-time access to product and price information at their fingertips.

In both of these examples, the approach was more or less the same, and the outcome was too. When businesses adopt VMware’s technologies for modernizing the retail environment, they’re able to create unique shopping experiences that make life easier for everyone involved. This will have a tangible positive impact for the business – it can be measured in faster transactions, more efficient staffing, and happier customers.

And at Zones, we’re proud of the work we do to help businesses in the retail sector get up to speed on these technologies. One area where we specialize is in Store & Branch Modernization. If you work in retail, we have the expertise and experience required to deploy, integrate, and support new technology across every location where you operate. And because we have a close working relationship with VMware, we have all the inside info we need to get you up and running fast. Connect with us today, and we can get started.

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