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Telemedicine can help healthcare organizations through trying times

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During these difficult times, organizations of all stripes have been looking for creative strategies for workplace modernization. Given that many workers are now remote, employers everywhere have been forced to find entirely new approaches to IT, and that means new devices, new software solutions, and new daily routines.

In healthcare, this adaptation has been especially challenging. After all, patients are always going to need high-quality care – now more than ever, in fact. And traditionally, that’s required seeing them in person.

Recently, though, there have been some medical providers finding innovative ways of caring for patients remotely. According to Modern Healthcare, many healthcare organizations are keen on caring for patients without endangering their own staff members, and that means implementing new high-tech strategies like telemedicine. Todd Czartoski, chief medical technology officer at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Washington, said that with the right hardware and software in place, this can be effective.

“We had people outside the room talking to the patient, evaluating them with the [electronic stethoscope] and keeping those communication lines open,” Czartoski said. “The hospitalists, infectious disease doctor, and other specialists didn’t have to gown up and go in and out of the room multiple times a day.”

Nowadays, with a highly contagious virus spreading rapidly around the world, healthcare providers are looking for any viable strategies that will keep their employees at a safe distance from patients, and telemedicine has emerged as the best such strategy. The World Health Organization has advocated for the use of telemedicine whenever possible, and Congress included $500 million in funding for telemedicine services in an emergency aid package passed back in March. Everyone is recognizing that technology can help slow the spread of COVID-19.

At Zones, we’re proud to say that we can provide such technology. If your healthcare organization is looking to develop virtual care solutions, we can help with that. And we aren’t just interested in installing quick fixes – instead, we can help optimize your IT infrastructure so it’s efficient and secure over the long haul.

When done right, implementing telemedicine can yield many benefits for your healthcare organization. It should improve the daily experience for everyone – patients will receive better care, and staff members will have an easier time doing their jobs. On top of that, your infrastructure will be secure and HIPAA compliant, and your IT operations will be streamlined from top to bottom.

Want more information on how our virtual healthcare offerings can revolutionize your operations? Check out the link below.

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