Windows Autopilot can get your remote teams up and running quickly

Windows Autopilot can your remote teams get up and running quickly

It’s a problem that nearly every organization is dealing with these days, at least to some extent – with more employees right now working remotely than ever before, IT leaders have been forced to make a lot of adjustments. One of the key challenges they’re facing involves workplace modernization – ideally, they’d like to give people all the latest devices and apps to drive productive work, but that’s logistically tough to do. How do you get people up and running with the latest technology when they’re so scattered geographically?

Device deployment is a hot topic in IT. Specifically, organizational leaders are thinking a lot about how to revamp the deployment process so it’s faster and more efficient – because right now, it can be a huge timesink for IT. The paradigm today is often one of “traditional deployment” – in other words, IT builds and maintains a custom image for each and every device, going through the time-consuming process of wiping the original OEM image and replacing it with the new image. Ideally, they’d have a strategy that looks more like “modern deployment” – this would involve having Windows images pre-installed on machines and having them shipped directly to users, quickly and efficiently.

So how can you achieve this lofty goal? We’ve got a suggestion: Now’s a great time to sync up with the winning team of Windows Autopilot and Zones. Together, we make it easy for organizations to embrace zero-touch deployment. This means that users can deploy Windows 10-powered devices within minutes, without any IT infrastructure setup required at all, on any major OEM PC. Once their devices are deployed, users can then securely access the unique apps and services they need, and the costs to your organization will be significantly lowered at the same time.

Working with Autopilot and Zones can unlock numerous benefits for your business. One is the ability to enable remote work rapidly – your employers can simply grab their new devices right out of the box and go, ramping up to full productivity in mere minutes. They can also handle provisioning themselves, with no hassle involved – it’s easy to achieve a clean, personalized user experience after just one short setup process. And you also have the ability to track the whole process, from beginning to end – Autopilot gives you clear visibility into how your configuration is progressing.

At Zones, we offer a number of services designed to enhance your Autopilot experience. One is our Windows 10 Assessment – we’ll help you quickly size up your environment and understand everything from application compatibility to organizational readiness to endpoint management. Next, we offer Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Intune setup services, as well as a Cloud Service Desk to help you optimally manage your devices and their users moving forward.

The truth is that deploying new user devices with Windows Autopilot has never been easier than it is right now. The work we do at Zones is a major reason why – we have best-in-class integration centers located all across the U.S. that make it incredibly easy to equip your people with the IT they need and get them up and running quickly. We act as a trusted advisor for organizations everywhere that are ready to embrace Workplace Modernization – and we’d love to work our magic for you next. Connect with us today if you’d like to get started.

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