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Microsoft Surface is built for the Windows Autopilot experience

As businesses everywhere work quickly to adjust to “the new norm,” with employees working remotely more than ever, there are a lot of complications that IT has to consider, especially when it comes to getting users set up with devices. People are working across many different locations, using new devices from new endpoints, and yet the organization still has an obligation to focus on security fortification. It can be challenging.

Traditionally, IT pros spend a lot of time building and customizing images that will later be deployed to devices. In a lot of cases, though, these devices already come with a perfectly good operating system installed on them. This means that IT’s responsibility isn’t to reinvent the wheel when it comes to device deployment – often, all they need is a simple and effective process for deploying them securely.

Microsoft has a solution for exactly that. With Windows Autopilot, you get a cloud-based deployment tool that comes standard with Windows 10. Autopilot allows you to remotely deploy and configure devices, all in a zero-touch process, right out of the box. With this process, IT departments are able to configure and customize images while managing little to no physical IT infrastructure. The process is intuitive and easy.

Windows Autopilot allows you to:

  • Automatically join devices to Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).
  • Auto-enroll devices into MDM services, such as Microsoft Intune.
  • Easily restrict Administrator account creation.
  • Create and auto-assign devices to configuration groups based on device profiles.
  • Customize out-of-box experience (OOBE) content and branding.
  • Enable full device configuration with Intune.
  • Reset or restart devices remotely.

Here’s how the technology works. Autopilot-registered devices are immediately identified over the internet at first startup, using a unique device signature called a hardware hash. From there, the devices are automatically enrolled and configured using modern management solutions such as Azure AD and mobile device management. For example, you can register new Surface devices immediately at the time of purchase, by working through a Surface business partner. These partners can then ship new devices directly to your users, and they’ll be automatically configured from day one.

At Zones, we have what it takes to be that partner. We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, which means we’re able to get your Surface devices up and running quickly, with exactly the firmware settings and other configurations your users need. We’ve always had a keen interest in Security Fortification – and thanks to our strong partnership with Microsoft, we’re more prepared now than ever to take your business to the next level.

Ready to take the next step? Connect with a Zones Solution Architect today and learn how to demo Autopilot with your business.

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