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Why Webex remains the leader in workplace collaboration tools

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Much like the workplace itself, the process of workplace modernization is one that’s constantly evolving. If you’d surveyed the scene in 2019, you’d probably have found the greatest challenge in IT was to outfit the office with the best possible technology so that people could be successful at work. Now, though, the opposite is true – your challenge is to give people the tools to be successful away from the office.

Typically, the hardest part of that is collaboration. How do you make it easy for people to communicate and work together when they’re so often working remotely?

Cisco has an answer to that question, and it’s the new Webex.

Lately, the engineers at Cisco have been hyper-focused on a complete Webex makeover, building a new edition of the communication platform that’s easier to both use and manage. The product of all that hard work is now here – the new Webex is a complete workflow and teamwork tool that offers one-touch simplicity, end-to-end collaboration, and new features such as People Insights. This will make all the connections you make more meaningful, giving you real-time background information about everyone in the meeting. You’ll also enjoy Webex Assistant, a voice-controlled digital assistant that helps you manage meetings with ease.

The new Webex doesn’t just offer functionality – security is also key. Cisco built security in as a foundational element of the new Webex, investing heavily to build an airtight infrastructure with all the right checks and balances in place. This means your Webex will come with highly secure default settings right out of the box, enabling your users to start collaborating freely without having to worry.

Part of the beauty of Webex is its ability to work well with others. Due to its open platform and operating systems, Webex is designed to integrate perfectly with the tools you already know and love. Whether you need to open a help ticket, make a call, co-edit files, or any other task, you can do it all without leaving the app – but you can also keep all the functionalities that your other apps have to offer. It’s a win-win.

When you adopt the new Cisco Webex, you will quickly discover the power of the platform. Whether you’re looking to enable a few remote workers or redesign your entire campus, Webex will give you everything you need to scale quickly and control your entire collaboration suite. Also: Whether your infrastructure is in the cloud, on premises, or a combination of the two, Webex can easily adjust, giving you all the hybrid capabilities you need.

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At Zones, we have everything it takes to help you get started with the new Webex. Not only can we get your users up and running, but we also have a suite of Managed Services designed to make your life easier. From our Network services​ to our Workplace Technology services​ and everywhere in between, our offerings will ensure that your workplace is modernized and your IT workloads are lean and efficient.

If you’re ready to dive in, then just get in touch with us. As a business, we’ve quickly shifted gears in 2020, focusing our efforts on giving modern organizations and their remote workers the tools they need to succeed, and Webex plays a key role in that. Work with us, and you’ll quickly discover how to take your remote teams to the next level.

Want to explore in greater depth? Download our eBook, which details all the solutions you need to adapt to a virtual workplace.

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