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Be the disruptor, not the disrupted.

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It’s well-documented that companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Facebook have reaped huge rewards by tapping into massive markets made possible by emerging new business models. They were adept at quickly modernizing their networks to connect with their customers where their customer wanted to be, and with it came big benefits: engaged customers, innovative experiences, and new revenue streams.

To get ahead – and stay ahead – companies must realize it’s a whole new game now, and you don’t want to be left behind while all this digital disruption is taking place. Digitization requires IT functions to be thoroughly transformed, including sophisticated scaling to meet new demand fluctuation; increasing reliability; speeding time to market; and quickly getting digital innovations to consumers.

PrintSo why are some companies hesitant to modernize their networks? A common recurring answer is the reluctance to invest in additional bandwidth. When in fact, investing now will create the additional bandwidth when its needed down the line.  Business and IT leaders also cite three more mission-critical areas in which organizations can evolve their networks to drive new digital capabilities:

  1. Delivering innovative insight-based experiences.
  2. Accelerating transformation by cutting costs and complexity.
  3. Activating network security everywhere.

So far, no single source has conveniently corralled all these areas into one single IT solution. Until now.

Cisco, the market leader in enterprise networks, created Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA), an open, extensible, software-driven platform that helps you transform your network.

You’ll be able to allocate resources dynamically to meet ever-changing demands for applications while becoming more agile and scalable, while gaining competitive advantage.

That means faster data for precise decision making and a simplified, more automated network that can quickly meet new business requirements and identify threats. Cisco DNA paves the way for an adaptive network that operates at digital speed.

Although digital transformation may seem like a big challenge, it’s a highly achievable goal when you choose the right solution provider. And equally important: in order for your business to stay relevant, prosperous, and not lag behind, modernizing your network should be less a matter of “if” and more a matter of “when.”

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