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Go beyond traditional cloud technology with Zones CSP+

Data center transformation has been an ongoing area of focus in the business world for many years, but the pandemic and the rise of remote work have only accelerated that. With so many companies looking for agile ways of managing data, the cloud has really taken off, and IT leaders are actively looking for Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) that can help them manage that transition.

But it’s not easy to find the right CSP for you – there are so many candidates out there. Which will give you the end-to-end solutions and support you need to get the most out of the cloud? Today, that’s the key question.

At Zones, we seek to go beyond the typical CSP offering. That’s the idea behind CSP+ – a unique, end-to-end suite of services that includes a wide range of cloud offerings, all built into our Assess, Design, Implement, Manage (ADIM) framework. We offer our clients everything they need to succeed in the cloud, all in one convenient package – subscription management, billing management, reactive support, and professional services like onboarding, relationship governance, and managed services.

As most businesses today seek a cloud partner, they tend to have the same set of key challenges they’re trying to address. Most often, it’s some combination of a lack of control or governance, complexity caused by juggling multiple cloud platforms, and an inability to forecast future IT needs. The beauty of Zones CSP+ is that it addresses all three of these challenges. Our platform guides users through the cloud journey with a well-defined roadmap that plans for any eventuality. Data-driven insights are only a few clicks away at all times, meaning you will always have the best possible information to optimize your process and drive growth.

But the positive impact doesn’t end there – not by a long shot. The truth is, other cloud solution providers simply can’t match everything that Zones CSP+ has to offer. The additional benefits include:

  • Greater simplicity, with automated tools for assessment and provisioning to give you 24/7 visibility into your cloud environment.
  • Proactive support available whenever you need it, with dedicated teams of cloud SMEs with knowledge of both on-prem and public cloud.
  • Platform-driven service and support.
  • Better control, with transparent management and clear cost visibility, so you’re always aware of what you’re paying for and why.

Services are a key aspect of all of this. At Zones, we are a services-led CSP partner – we want to give our clients all the hands-on assistance they need to make the most of cloud technology. This includes FinOps and health reporting to deliver clear, data-driven insights, as well as regular insights into the performance, security, and cost-effectiveness of your cloud solutions. With CSP+, our goal is to manage the cloud for you, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Moving to the cloud in a way that’s smart and cost-effective is absolutely essential. That’s why Zones will be by your side every step of the way, from assessment to deployment to post-deployment support.

Are you ready to get to work, uncovering all the benefits the cloud has to offer? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with a Zones Account Manager, and we’ll get your head in the cloud today.

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