What’s on the holiday shopping list for your IT department?

What’s on the holiday shopping list for your IT department?

As the calendar year winds down and you start looking over your company’s finances one last time, you may discover that you’ve got a few extra dollars in the budget to spend. If that’s the case, one great way to allocate that money is to invest in security fortification. It’s not hard to see why – greater security leads to greater business continuity, which is a surefire path to long-term success.

And the thing is, there are countless ways to invest in security. Every decision you make in IT has the potential to make your business more secure – it might be new hardware, new software, new personnel. As technology continually evolves, there’s a constant emphasis on security, and that extends to just about every possible piece of your IT infrastructure.

Today, let’s zoom in on a few items in particular worth considering as you write your company’s holiday shopping list.

  • New computers: If you invest in the right machines for your employees to use on a daily basis, there will of course be many benefits. A superior user experience comes to mind immediately. But security is also a key side effect – today’s laptops and desktops are designed with endpoint security concerns in mind, meaning your IT infrastructure will have fewer vulnerabilities once you upgrade.
  • New servers: If you care about your data being safe, it’s best to start by looking at where you house it. If you choose to explore new data architectures, you may discover server technologies that are better equipped to handle the wide range of applications and workloads your employees are dealing with.
  • New data protection solutions: Data protection is a complicated challenge – you want to safeguard your people and their files, but you also don’t want to disrupt their workflow by adding arduous extra steps to their everyday work processes. If you can find a way to reduce risk while holding productivity constant, that might be worth investing in.

If you’re interested in any of the above items, we’ve got good news. At Zones, we’ve got a wide range of products from Dell available that are sure to meet your needs. For computers, we’re offering notebooks that come equipped with Dell Technologies Unified Workspace, a revolutionary new solution that gives you superior visibility across the entire endpoint environment. For servers, you can’t do better than Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, which are unparalleled in terms of IT efficiency and end-to-end security. And for data protection? You can’t beat Dell EMC storage solutions, which are tailor-made for optimizing workloads and maximizing security.

With all of these products, security is a top priority. But at Zones, we don’t just sell you secure products and call it a day. What’s even more important is the service we deliver – we want to sell you the right products, then follow up with you and manage your IT infrastructure over its full lifecycle. With our team of experts on your side, you’ll have a lot more than just good hardware and software – you’ll have a complete strategy that truly elevates your business to the next level.

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