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ViVE 2024: Shape the Future of Healthcare with Zones

ViVE 2024: Shape the Future of Healthcare with Zones

ViVE, the premier digital health event, merges the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) leadership with the marketplace of HLTH, creating an unparalleled experience focused on the business transformation of healthcare. From February 25th–28th, 2024, digital health leaders will unite with a global healthcare innovation community at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California, offering unmatched networking opportunities and insights.


For the first time, Zones will be exhibiting at ViVE 2024 in Viosk Booth #2139, presenting cutting-edge solutions that are revolutionizing traditional healthcare systems. As part of the overall event, attendees can dive into partner sessions and insights programs, attend welcome receptions Monday night, and rock on during Tuesday’s Industry Night event featuring Billy Idol!


What Sets ViVE 2024 Apart?

Discover what makes ViVE 2024 a standout event in the digital health landscape:

  • A streamlined marketplace facilitating connections among decision-makers with shared objectives.

  • Over 3,000 facilitated, double opt-in, 1-on-1 meetings that ensure meaningful interactions.

  • Enjoy the VIP CHIME Experience with tailored content, exclusive networking, and social activities.

  • Dive deep into topical sessions led by industry leaders, offering actionable insights.

  • Engage in dynamic interactions on the interactive show floor, connecting sponsors with senior executives.

  • An all-inclusive experience with content, networking events, provided food and beverages, and unforgettable evening entertainment awaits.

Key Focus Areas at ViVE 2024

  • Using AI in Healthcare

    AI tools like ChatGPT and Med-PaLM are reshaping the healthcare landscape by addressing challenges from admission to discharge. Even though questions are raised around the ethical considerations of applying this technology at scale, it is not necessarily stopping organizations from diving in headfirst. ViVE 2024 explores how AI enhances patient care despite ethical considerations.

  • Coworking with Tech

    Amidst staffing shortages, technology emerges as a vital ally in healthcare. It’s time for technology to step up and be a catalyst in supporting our workforce. Discover how organizations optimize staffing, tackle burnout, and restore joy in medicine through tech solutions at ViVE.

  • Mastering Data

    The healthcare industry is witnessing a significant rise in data, increasing by 5,000% since 2010. This surge calls for innovative ways to manage, analyze, and utilize this massive data. Data plays a vital role in modern medicine, holding the potential to transform healthcare delivery, research, and decision-making. At ViVE 2024, explore how data shapes healthcare's future, promises, and potential challenges.


Why Choose Zones at ViVE 2024?

In 2023, many hospitals faced financial challenges, leading to a slowdown in spending and a focus on projects that optimize resources. Staffing shortages aggravated these issues, leaving healthcare organizations with numerous IT projects but limited resources to implement them. Buried with heavy workloads, clinicians experienced burnout, leading to reduced patient care quality and satisfaction.


To address these challenges, you can rely on Zones, a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). Zones has empowered healthcare providers worldwide for over two decades, improving patient experience, clinician satisfaction, and operational efficiency. As a trusted partner of industry giants like Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, and Lenovo, Zones brings expertise and top-level certifications to the table. We offer groundbreaking transformative solutions from Clinical Service Desk to Microsoft Copilot, Digital Front Door & Wayfinding, Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Electronic Health Record (EHR) cloud migration, and more. At this year’s ViVE, experience firsthand how Zones is leading healthcare's digital transformation and shaping the future of patient care.


Ready to explore solutions tailored to your specific healthcare goals? 

Fill out the form to schedule a 1:1 meeting during the conference. Our representatives will connect with you to set up a personalized session.


Visit our healthcare website to discover more about Zones' service solutions, crafted to enable seamless digital transformation in healthcare.


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