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Hybrid work is the future – is your organization prepared?

Hybrid work is the future – is your organization prepared?

As we move forward in 2022, there appears to be a glimmer of optimism that we could possibly be moving on from this global pandemic. It’s a promising development for the entire world – we may be able to anticipate a future that’s happier, healthier, and safer for all.

But that said, there are still some real challenges that lie ahead for corporate IT decision-makers. Perhaps most notably, they must figure out how to tackle the challenge of workplace modernization in an era of hybrid work.

The world of work looks dramatically different now than it did before 2020. Post-pandemic, people are undertaking their jobs from a wide range of settings, both in-house and remote, and IT’s job is to make sure they all have the tools to succeed. According to Workplace from Meta, one of IT’s greatest challenges today is finding the right way to navigate this. Many companies have made a long-term commitment to remote work, and they now have to deliver technology that fits that lifestyle.

“Work-life balance and flexible working was a concept that was brought to the fore as more millennials entered the workforce,” said Sam Walters, director of professional services at consultancy Robert Walters. “With the widespread mandatory implementation of remote working, we can now expect policies that promote more flexibility and balance will be the preference of almost all people in the workforce.”

The onus is now on every organization: Find a remote work strategy that works for you. Find a way to schedule everything, from team meetings to big group projects to regular everyday workflows. Figure out a communication platform that allows everyone to be interconnected and collaborative. And of course, give people the IT support they need to do their jobs effectively every single day, without interruption.

Logitech and Zones can help with that last part. At Logitech, there’s an understanding that hybrid work is here to stay, which is why they deliver tools that hybrid and remote workers can use to be successful. Solutions like Logi Dock, MX Keys, and Zone true wireless earbuds all play a role in this. Today’s hybrid workers need power solutions to use their devices from everywhere, as well as robust security safeguards and state-of-the-art communication tools. Logitech’s offerings include all of the above, which means hybrid workers will be better equipped than ever.

As for us at Zones, we’re here to play a role as well. We now offer a Remote Worker Solution that comes fully loaded with IT tools to help remote and hybrid teams thrive. There’s everything from communication and collaboration tools to technical support resources to mobile device management (MDM) solutions – and more. All together, our offerings are sure to simplify IT for your distributed workforce.

To learn more about how Logitech and Zones can drive success in this era of remote work, reach out. Connect with us. We’ll show you all the angles.

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