Video collaboration helps teams thrive in today’s business world

Video collaboration helps teams thrive in today's business world

Not too long ago, the challenge of workplace modernization was a simpler one. Most everyone was in an office environment, which meant they were all in the same place. All you had to do was give people the right technology so they could work together and achieve at the highest level. But now, with so many employees in remote and hybrid arrangements, your challenge is entirely different. You’ve got to bring people together in the first place. The key question is, how can your IT help you do that?

Especially during these difficult times, a lot of business leaders are realizing that having remote people travel every time they need to see each other just isn’t realistic. But thanks to modern technology, the truth is they don’t need to. According to Yahoo Finance, 47% of businesses right now say they’ve been saving money on travel costs by using more video calls lately. In the current era, with so many employees working from so many different locations, this is becoming a crucial strategy.

“If a company is serious about saving itself as well as its employees some money, it’s imperative that they embrace virtual meetings,” said Scott Wilson, who runs a video conferencing business. “Now that quality meetings and virtual events can be done online in very user-friendly, hospitable environments, there’s no need to push for frequent business-related travel.”

Embracing video conferencing offers many benefits. First and foremost, it’s just a chance for people to get together and collaborate. The nature of work has changed a lot in the last couple years, with people working remotely more than ever, but they’re still up against the same challenges – they need to tackle complex projects with their teammates. Video can help. And as for the cost saving opportunities, they are numerous. Back in the travel-heavy days, companies had to pay for airfare, lodging, meals, and countless other expenses for their employees. Now, they can recoup all that cash and more.

Here’s where Zones comes in. Right now, we’re offering a Remote Worker Solution that’s designed to help organizations manage IT with a distributed workforce. A key component of that solution is our Collaboration package, which is loaded with tools to help teams work together from far away. Whether your people prefer Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, or any other collaboration platforms that fit their needs, we can carve out a plan that will work for your business.

At Zones, we’ve always understood that Workplace Modernization is a key aspect of running a successful business, and we also know full well that the challenge of modernizing is evolving fast in today’s climate. Through all of that, we pledge to work with you and help your people thrive. Connect with us today, and we can get started.