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Unlock the benefits of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider program

Unlock the benefits of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider program

All around the business world, there’s an undeniable trend taking place – organizations are investing in data center transformation at unprecedented levels. Given the rapid rise of remote and hybrid work arrangements, IT leaders are turning their attention to digital innovations that make their data more flexible, portable, and shareable for work collaborators who are distributed all over the globe. In other words, they’re investing more heavily than ever in the cloud.

At Microsoft, the goal right now is to enable as many organizations as possible to achieve their cloud goals. With their Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, they’re looking to help clients evaluate their technology environment and map out their cloud journey, built around strategic investments in the cloud resources most valuable to them. When you partner with Microsoft, you unlock a whole host of benefits for both your end users and your organization at large.

A CSP partnership is one that can benefit both large organizations and small ones. If you’re running a multinational corporation, for instance, you’re likely juggling many affiliates and multi-tenant requirements, which means every IT deployment choice you make involves a wide range of decision-makers. Working with Microsoft will help you get everyone on the same page, making decisions together that benefit your business. Meanwhile, if your organization is on the smaller side, Microsoft can offer managed services that make your life easier, while still giving you full discretion over pricing, tech support, and service delivery.

The CSP program represents a real opportunity for organizations today. With it, you have a chance to:

  • Find new revenue opportunities by integrating value-added cloud services into your business.
  • Accelerate your digital transformation and increase profits in the process.
  • Enable new cloud business scenarios through Microsoft’s diverse partner ecosystem.

And, with all of the above, Zones is here to lend a helping hand. We offer a Cloud Solutions Provider Plus solution that’s designed to give our clients a competitive advantage with everything IT – including Azure cloud migration, data storage, computing, and more. This offering goes beyond the limitations of a standard CSP and helps you truly maximize your potential in the cloud.

Among everyone on our team at Zones, there’s a deep understanding of the value of Data Center Transformation. After all, we’ve lived through that journey ourselves – Zones, like so many other businesses over the last few years, has migrated to the cloud successfully and reaped the many benefits. Now, we’re eager to pass those same benefits on to you.

If you’re interested in exploring everything we have to offer, including our Cloud Solutions Provider Plus solution and more, then don’t wait – connect with us today.

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