The Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series can streamline IT for your business

The Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Series can streamline IT for your business

All around the world, the ways we do work are transforming rapidly. In just the last year and change, employees have gone from working in-office to being largely remote; now, in some cases, they’re moving toward more of a hybrid model. This has led IT leaders to reconsider everything, from how people communicate and collaborate to how they approach data center transformation.

For many organizations, the objective today is to find ways to streamline IT, making it easier to automate management processes and keep things humming along efficiently. One great solution for doing just that is VMware vSAN, a hyperconverged infrastructure solution that eliminates many basic IT issues. And with Lenovo’s ThinkAgile VX Series, all your hardware will be fully validated and integrated as soon as you deploy, and your software is preloaded with the VMware ESXi hypervisor. This means you’ll have a unique, software-defined approach to hyperconvergence.

A hyperconverged infrastructure has many applications in today’s business world. HCI is scalable and flexible, meaning it’s a good fit for just about everyone. For business-critical applications, HCI can ensure reliable, fast delivery, and for those setting up a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), vSAN is able to support up to 200 VDI sessions per node. The technology also works well for managing remote and branch offices as well as coordinating disaster recovery.

One key benefit of vSAN is the simplicity it offers. Because it integrates smoothly with Windows Admin Center, it’s easy to have one unified pane of glass for managing your entire infrastructure. You’ll also enjoy a high level of flexibility, as Lenovo ThinkAgile VX nodes offer a range of options for processors, memory, and storage. On top of that, you’ll have a fast time to value, as you won’t need to waste time designing and implementing an HCI solution yourself. All of that is handled for you, so you can get up and running quickly.

To get started with vSAN and Lenovo, the ordering process is simple and easy. Lenovo virtual machines are built with certified hardware components, which helps streamline the ordering process. You’ll be able to deploy HCI solutions quickly, with no hiccups in the process. Not only will these systems be fully ready to run from day one, but you’ll have consistent, end-to-end customer support at your fingertips at all times as well.

Lenovo and Zones, together, have what it takes to help your business thrive in this “new normal” period of work. As employees and organizations everywhere adjust to a new paradigm, we are committed to giving you the technology you need to keep pace. Whether it’s a new hyperconverged infrastructure, or anything else you require, we have the technology and the IT knowledge and experience to deliver for you. To learn more about how Lenovo and Zones can boost your business during these challenging times, reach out to us today.

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