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Simplify every aspect of data center management

Converged infrastructure solutions

Converged Infrastructure (CI) platforms greatly simplify deployment, significantly reduce time to value, and deliver a solid return on investment.

These systems – for which certain manufacturers favor the terms unified computing (Cisco) or integrated systems (IBM) – deliver complete pre-certified and integrated compute, storage, and networking; all managed via a single pane of glass. In pooling these resources, they become virtualized; applications, data, and networking are separated from the underlying hardware, so resources can be quickly reallocated to meet the demands of individual applications.

Choosing a converged infrastructure solution means your data center becomes more responsive, more nimble – and far more efficient. Converged infrastructures deliver short- and long-term benefits that include increased availability, improved serviceability, and an easier transition to a hybrid cloud environment. Space and energy costs can be significantly lower, as well.

The right architecture for your infrastructure

As one of the largest IT solution providers in the industry, Zones maintains close ties to the manufacturers and manufacturer partnerships that dominate the converged infrastructure landscape, so you get the best solution for your business needs.


FlexPod is an integrated computing, networking, and storage solution developed by Cisco and NetApp. Its configurations and workloads are published as Cisco Validated Designs. The FlexPod architecture can scale up or out. And it can be optimized for a variety of mixed workloads in both virtualized and nonvirtualized environments.


Engineered for both modern and legacy workloads, Dell PowerEdge FX architecture lets you precisely tailor, quickly deploy, and easily manage your infrastructure. With compute, storage, and I/O modules in just 2U of rack space and 50% more available server-side, you can build a software-defined converged infrastructure that scales quickly and easily.


HP ConvergedSystem allows you to act quickly with a systems approach. HP ConvergedSystems are engineered for specific workloads. You’ll get speed and efficiency with integrated storage, servers, networking, and management. From rack servers, blades, and single storage units to fully integrated systems, HP has a variety of products and services that align with your infrastructure needs.


Lenovo is partnering with storage giant EMC to offer reference architectures aimed at making it easier for businesses to build private clouds and virtual desktop infrastructures. Recently acquired from IBM, Lenovo Flex System servers can be used with EMC’s VSPEX storage appliances for reference architectures for two EMC-validated offerings, the VSPEX by Flex System for Private Cloud and VSPEX by Flex System for VDI.


VCE converged infrastructures feature best-of-breed compute and network technology from Cisco, storage and data protection from EMC, and network virtualization, management, and orchestration and server virtualization solutions from VMware.

Ask your Zones account executive to put you in touch with one of our solutions architects, who can walk you through the specific advantages a converged infrastructure can deliver for your organization.

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