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APC’s products, solutions, and partnerships are redefining the data center

APC’s products, solutions, and partnerships are redefining the data center

APC has a long reputation for excellence, from its early years as a manufacturer of Uninterrupted Power Supplies to its modern incarnation as a division of global energy heavyweight Schneider Electric. Its industry-leading cooling solutions, power supplies, backup appliances, modular InfraStruxure server architecture and more have made it the go-to brand in data centers around the world.

Bridging the gap between enterprise and building management

APC’s premier Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software suite, StruxureWare, is a comprehensive solution for monitoring and optimizing the data center’s assets, resource use and operation status. Rated as a leader in Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for DCIM software, StruxureWare bridges the gap between the IT department and management of the hardware operation and environment – enabling maximum efficiency and operational performance throughout the data center.

StruxureWare software provides a simple, integrated experience for many users and groups who manage the facility and IT infrastructure environments, as well as the executives who depend on the data center to provide business value. StruxureWare is designed to provide the right information to the right user, at the right time:

  • At the enterprise level, executives can chose the scenario that meets business objectives around corporate sustainability by tracking carbon and energy usage.
  • Functional managers can optimize operations, energy and assets to ensure the right levels of performance across multiple sites.
  • Experts, on site or remotely, can track and control process performance and energy consumption in real time.

In an era marked by increasing data center complexity and the continuing, industry-wide push for energy efficiency, the end-to-end visibility afforded StruxureWare can be the difference between the data center as a cost burden or business driver.

Partnerships that strengthen the product

Both a key and a testament to StruxureWare’s success, APC’s technology partnerships with major hardware and software providers streamline the suite’s integration with major virtualization tools including VMware vSphere, Oracle VM and Microsoft VMM, as well as server management tools from HP Operations Manager to Microsoft SCOM. Additionally, the open nature of StruxureWare solutions means that opportunities for software integration are constantly being expanded.

On the infrastructure side, APC’s partnership strategy with hardware providers like HP and networking giants like Cisco have made it easy for companies to purchase data center components and solutions with the knowledge that they are compatible with StruxureWare and backed by the expertise of Schneider Electric. For organizations looking to build, maintain or upgrade their data centers the benefits of these relationships are substantial from both interoperability and ease of use perspectives. When designed by Zones together with APC, they can be the key to a data center with the flexibility and agility to power businesses looking for an edge.

Contact your Zones account executive to determine how APC’s data center architecture and StruxureWare management solution can make your organization more efficient, more powerful and more cost effective.


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