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Our Technology Solution Centers will help modernize any workplace – remote or otherwise

For as long as there have been workplaces, there’s been good reason for businesses to commit to workplace modernization. The reason why is straightforward – when you give people better technology, they work more efficiently every day, and they ultimately achieve more for your business.

But in the last year, that’s become more challenging. As more and more people have embraced remote work, IT has run into some roadblocks. Their people are distributed; their IT assets are distributed as well. And yet, they’re expected to deliver on the same goal as always – to manage the full lifecycle of their office technology.

Of course, this begins with getting people their devices in the first place, and that means that having a healthy supply chain needs to be a key focus. In fact, according to Supply Chain Digital, Gartner has said that leveraging the right technology to sustain the supply chain is going to be a key source of competitive advantage moving forward. Christian Titze, vice president analyst at Gartner, said that when companies right now invest in better methods of getting devices to their users in a timely fashion, it should deliver long-term value in the form of a competitive leg up over rival businesses.

Having said that, supply chain governance is a major concern right now. When you’ve got so many people scattered all over the world, and all of them need their IT, it’s not easy. Gartner sees this as a key priority for businesses right now – finding the necessary technology to smooth out wrinkles in the supply chain and keep the machine humming along.

“Gartner anticipates a wave of new solutions to emerge for supply chain security and governance, especially in the fields of privacy as well as cyber and data security,” Titze said. “Think advanced track-and-trace solutions, smart packaging, and next-gen RFID and NFC capabilities.”

The faster you can innovate when it comes to the supply chain, the sooner you can truly drive digital transformation.

But what do you do if your business just doesn’t have the tools to make that happen? If your workforce is too distributed, and your IT challenges are too great?

This is where Zones can help. We’ve always prided ourselves on helping our clients manage the full lifecycle of their technology, and we’re doing that now better than ever. We have Technology Solution Center locations all across the country, which means we have professionals ready to pack, rack, and track your cargo wherever you need. This makes it simple and easy for us to ship your IT devices from their point of origin all the way to their final destination – wherever it may be – in a highly efficient manner.

We understand that geography poses a greater challenge than ever in IT these days. You’re tasked with getting devices to users all over the country and all over the world – and if there are any interruptions in this process, the productivity of your teams will suffer. This is a major source of logistical headaches – but Zones has the cure. Our Technology Solution Centers are strategically placed in locations that make deliveries quick and easy for everyone, everywhere. Smooth rollouts of complex deployments are what we do best.

At Zones, we understand that Workplace Modernization has always been a top priority, and it remains that way today, even as the definition of the “workplace” fundamentally changes before our eyes. That’s why we’re committed to procuring the IT your users need and getting it in their hands quickly, no matter how daunting that challenge may be. Connect with a Zones Account Manager today, and you’ll find this out for yourself.

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