Maximize productivity and collaboration with Lenovo’s ThinkSmart View

Maximize productivity and collaboration with Lenovo's ThinkSmart View

Business IT leaders have had a focus on workplace modernization for a long time, but in 2020, the very process of modernizing has changed dramatically. It used to be a matter of giving your employees the best possible technology so they could work effectively at their desks, inside your company’s facilities; now, they’re looking at an altogether different challenge.

Some employees right now are fully remote, working from home five days a week; some others are in a situation where they’re gradually transitioning back into an office setting. For IT, the challenge is to implement flexible IT solutions that allow everyone to be productive, regardless of how or where they’re working. And it’s not just about productivity for each individual person, in a vacuum – what you really want is to foster collaboration.

It’s not always easy to get productivity and collaboration all in one package, but Lenovo has come out with a formidable solution for doing just that. Lenovo’s ThinkSmart View is a collaborative smart assistant, meaning it integrates with your PC to streamline administrative tasks and make every day of work more efficient. This is an entirely new category of workplace technology, and it allows employees to achieve more both individually and collectively.

Everyone wants to get more out of their work day, and with ThinkSmart View, you have the potential to do that. ThinkSmart View gives you a great deal of multi-tasking capability, handling both the collaborative and administrative aspects of your day and freeing you up for interrupted productivity. You don’t need to work more than 8 hours a day to dominate your job responsibilities and truly thrive at work – ThinkSmart View ensures you can work smarter without needing to work harder.

The solution will also allow you and your team to conduct better meetings. This is where the “collaboration” part comes in – the ThinkSmart View includes voice-ready technology that makes it easy to conduct meetings with remote teammates. You’ll be able to unlock rich, content-centric meeting components with the Microsoft Teams IP Phone app, and you’ll enjoy impressively clear audio thanks to the powerful built-in mics and speakers.

On top of that, the ThinkSmart View ensures that you can always keep your private work just that – private. The device comes with built-in security features that will help you sleep easy, knowing your data is always safe. There’s a built-in camera shutter and a mic mute button, which protect you from being seen or heard when you don’t want to be, and the device is also easy to lock when it’s not in use. Each ThinkSmart View comes with a four-digit PIN that’s needed to unlock it, and additionally, you can use Bluetooth technology to lock the device in tandem with your PC.

Whether it’s the ThinkSmart View or anything else, you can always turn to Zones for guidance when it comes to implementing new technology for your employees. One area where we specialize is in Workplace Modernization – we understand the importance of accommodating the modern employee, and we will work with you to find the best possible solutions. We have close working relationships with numerous tech OEMs, including Lenovo and others, and we’ll do whatever we can to find the devices you need and the services you require, to boot.

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