Make the complex easy with Zones’ Remote Worker Solution

Make the complex easy with Zones' Remote Worker Solution

In 2020, our ways of doing business are quickly evolving. Companies and their employees are adjusting on the fly to new work strategies that feature mobility and remote work front and center. As your business navigates that process, you should have a constant focus on keeping your people safe, healthy, and engaged, ensuring they can stay productive and keep your organization humming along.

That’s exactly why Zones is offering our new Remote Worker Solution (RWS), a complete package that will help your business to procure, manage, secure, and protect all of your IT assets, no matter where they’re located. According to CIO, “managing remote workers is a completely different beast to managing in-house team members, and brings with it a fresh load of unique challenges.” We developed this solution to help IT organizations address these specific complexities. Not only that, our Zones team can help you handle IT in this new work environment at every step of the way – tracking assets, coordinating logistics, and delivering support across multiple locations.

Let’s walk through the five main components we have to offer.

  • Blue Light Zones™: Our cutting-edge method to keep your devices cleansed of harmful microbes. The secret here is a short-wavelength UV light called ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, or UVGI for short. This technology has been used historically as a way for hospitals to clean surgical tools, and now our team at Zones is ahead of the curve in adapting this technology for use in our Technology Solution Centers.
  • Mobile Asset Management: As your employees begin to use unfamiliar devices in far-off locations, you need a way to manage everything, fully, from end to end. At Zones, our Mobile Asset Management offering makes that possible. We help organizations manage all of their assets, both hardware and software. We can also leverage Zones Discovery Services (ZDS) to deliver insights on how you can manage your assets, keep costs to a minimum, and maintain peace of mind about your IT.
  • Endpoint Security Management: The vast majority of security threats originate at the endpoint – all it takes is one vulnerable user, with one vulnerable device. With our Endpoint Security Management offering, we will help you eliminate potential threats before they become serious. When you’re dealing with a large number of remote network users, this is a must. Our comprehensive solution will help you to quickly detect, prevent, and correct advanced threats​.
  • Technical Support: Managing IT can get hectic, especially at times like these. You’re constantly dealing with employee demands to set up devices, load applications, and complete a wide range of other day-to-day tasks. If you need a little help with it all, Zones is here for you. Our Technical Support service will make your life easier. With 24/7/365 support from our ITIL-certified agents, you can reduce business complexity and save IT staffing costs as well.
  • Collaboration: Your workers may be remote these days, but they still need to work together to tackle the challenges in front of them, just as they always have. To that end, Zones is offering Collaboration solutions that will set your team up for success. Whether you prefer Office 365®, Microsoft Teams™, Cisco Webex®, or whatever else, we have the expertise to get your team up and running effectively.

Managing a business during times like these can be complex, but at Zones, we specialize in making the complex easy. Connect with us today, and we can help you with every aspect of your IT supply chain. Your employees will be happier, your budget will be leaner, and you can sleep easy.

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